Y’all Hungry?! 4 hours and 34 meals later…

y'all hungry buttonI don’t know about your households, but in ours…. nothing kills a good mood like “what’s for dinner?” We go through this daily and it always leads to some sort of taco dish or a rummaged up pantry meal or more likely, we go out to eat. This is bad on so many levels, but mainly because we are spending WAY too much money eating out and are making even worse decisions (can I say chicken queso burrito within walking distance) YIKES!

Well, a couple of weeks ago when we were getting organized, running through our “to do” list, and budget issues I realized I had to figure something out that was easy and inexpensive and would last long term!

Admittedly, I like to have dinner ready for my Mr. when he comes home M-Thursday and also Sunday- We like to do something different and fun Friday & Saturday. The little nugget makes this difficult some days which is where meals became a stressor!

HELLO PINTEREST!!!!! I searched for easy, inexpensive Crockpot freezer meals and I came across several blogs that listed out different meals that are easy to prepare and then freeze, then pop in the Crockpot. It just sounded DREAMY to me! As usual I jumped in headfirst, I downloaded her grocery list and doubled it (math is not my strong suit….) and then loaded up the nugget and we headed off to the store.

Grocery List: I ended up with a couple of extra sweet potatoes (like 6, whoops) and 4 extra onions- but I figure I can do something with those!


ADD: 1 lb maple sausage & 1 lb hot sausage 🙂

After 40 minutes and what looked like a crazy person buying out the canned beans and tomatoes and 1 million onions…. we checked out. I had purchased enough food to create 34 meals that each consist of 4-6 servings (or two dinners and one lunch for both of us) and my bill was $213- $100 of that in meat alone.
The lady checking me out exclaimed that I must have a huge family (I HATE when people comment on my purchases) and I was like ummmmm, nope, just my husband the baby and me…. we really like to eat.

Anyways…. we made it home and I unloaded everything while watching Maddy chase Betty Lou around the yard.

Later that night after we got Maddy down for bed, I got busy!

Here is my prep list:
Chop vegetables (thank you food processor), brown sausage, open cans, get out spices and label freezer bags with recipe name, date, cook instructions and any other notes such as add chicken broth– I also wrote THAW first huge on each bag in case the Mr. is in charge of cooking one night!

Then I started assembling! It took almost 2 hours to the dot to prep and another 2 hours to assemble. So far we have tried three of the meals and LOVED them! It really is that easy, I make a new one about every other day excluding weekends and both our dinners and lunches have been taken care of for all of us! Maddy even likes the meals. The best part is NO WORK! I have made rice or corn bread or salads with the meals, but come on, the big part is done and the sides are choice 🙂

Recipes! Note: I didn’t include a lot of the needed spices on my grocery list because they are staples in our spice cabinet, you may want to read this over before going shopping!!


If you have any questions let me know!!! Happy Prepping!!! I didn’t take pictures of the process, but I will next time for sure, I will also start earlier in the day, measuring at midnight is not recommended!

All meals either taken from or adapted from: Loving My Nest


Y’all Hungry?! Mini Pot Pies

Y’all Hungry: Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Okay, I have been meaning to blog this recipe for MONTHS now, but things have been busy and I’ve been a horrible blogger…. So…. try these and you’ll forgive me because this takes chicken pot pies to the EASIEST level ever, and OH so good! PS. Invite me over when you make them, because I love them even more when made by someone else 🙂IMG_5638

Ingredients: This is our new go to meal because we pretty much always have all the ingredients on hand!

2 cans crescent rolls

1 can cream of something (whatever is in the pantry, I’ve used chicken, broccoli, mushroom)

Shredded cheese

2-3 cooked chicken breasts (or the equivalent)

1 bag of mixed frozen veggies

Salt & Pepper


Preheat the oven to 350*. Grease your muffin tin and steam/cook the bag of veggies.  Meanwhile, cook your chicken breasts, I simply cook mine in chicken broth to keep them moist. I have also used a rotisserie chicken picked up from the store, either way once cooked shred the chicken into small pieces.

IMG_5633 Okay. Mix together the chicken, cream of something, veggies, chicken and salt and pepper to taste in a bowl.

IMG_5631Unfold the crescent rolls and lay the dough out, one roll per muffin cup.


Add a scoop of chicken mixture on top of the roll, top with a handful of cheese and then fold the sides of the roll back over top the cheese. Repeat until out of mixture/rolls.IMG_5637

Cook for about 25 minutes or until rolls turn a golden brown on top.  Enjoy warm with a big side salad and you’ve got yourself an easy from your pantry dinner!!IMG_5638