Dear Pinterest: Manifesto Projects

Dear Pinterest,

 Thank you for providing me with hours of entertainment as I fill my virtual boards with my dream house plans, cooking plans, crafting plans, plans for all the bambinos we do not have… and fashion ideas/concepts I cannot afford nor pull off. Yet, I still continue to frequent you daily…sometimes hourly… yep. I am addicted. I feel that without you my walls would be bare, my husband hungry and I would walk around very un-stylish (yep..kinda do that on occasion) — It is as if I did not function before our relationship began.

I often wonder what our future house would look like if I didn’t have the ability to pin things to remember for our future waterfall pool (yeah right), under the stairs wine room (yep, winning the lottery), and who could forget our library with floor to ceiling bookcases and sliding ladder (this may happen :)). Honestly, if we put everything into our future home that I have pinned, things would get confusing and we would have no less than 17 claw foot tubs!

But mostly, I want to thank you for adding to my 2012 manifesto, for now I have committed myself to doing 12 new Pinterest oriented projects over the year.


Alyson, a non-recovering addict

 PS- Please stop posting pictures of insanely in shape women with their “easy” to do fitness plans alongside a picture of the most delicious looking red velvet cupcake I have ever seen….  MEAN.

 January Pinterest Projects:

 Yep, you see that “s” at the end of projects right??!?!? That is because I was an overachiever this month.  Stupid, because I could have saved one for next month.  But that would be too, ummmm logical, and when I am in a crafting mood it is an all out craft fest!

 Burlap Bubble Wreath:

 I needed a new wreath for our front door and I am all about being resourceful, so I wanted something that I could add little additions to in order to be season specific. 

 Pinned Wreath: Easy enough right?!  Actually, this wreath is ridiculously easy, extremely messy and really hard to mess up. So… Winning! (OMGOSH have y’all been watching the Bachelor?! Courtney “winning” is so unbelievably over the top, class it up girl!!!)  I digress…

 To make this wreath you only need a few supplies:

–          8-10” foam wreath (I got mine at Michael’s for about $6)

–          1 yard of burlap (Joann’s…approximately $3)

–          Scissors

–          Thick Ribbons

–          LONG pins (this is very important, I started with short and it was challenging!)

–          Seasonal decorations if wanted


Measure out a square that is 4”x4” to use as a template then cut out oh…. About 50 more, then 50 more etc… I cut out a template then cut out strips that were 4” wide then just used the template to cut out the individual squares.  You do not have to make them exact, but you want them close in size so that the bubbles fit together nicely.

 Once cut, take one square and fold it in half so you have a triangle, then take one corner and fold it to the other side (now all four corners should be together)- then take your pin and put it into the wreath.  For the first 20-25 it looks weird (read ugly…) then as your wreath fills up it starts to look really cute.  Just pin each bubble next to, below, on top, to the side all around each other to fill it in, you do not want to see any foam or pins.

 All things included this wreath took me the entire 1st half of the Saints first playoff game…so maybe an hour?  After it was all arranged fill in any empty gaps with additional bubbles. Measure out your large ribbon to use as a hanger and attach, then add decorations as needed.  Since it is winter, I went with Mardi Gras feathers for my starter decorations, these will for sure stay on until after the 21st.

 My wreath!

  Cupcake toppers!

 These turned out adorable!  And OMGOSH so crazy easy. . . any yes, they will be on like all of my cupcakes from here on out 🙂

I saw this idea for a first birthday party and thought, um I could totally make LSU one’s for the game that shall not be mentioned hahaha, only an LSU fan would think this loss was worse than Voldemort!

 Pinned Toppers:To make cupcake toppers you need:

–          Paper and ink to print the design

–          A heavy card stock

–          Hot glue gun

–          Tooth picks

 Directions: Measure out how big you want your topper circles to be, mine are approximately the size of a quarter.  I created a template in word and simply pasted in both of my designs.  I am sure there are more fancy ways to accomplish this task, but my way took about 10 minutes.  Print out your circles and individually cut them out.  This is when it is helpful to have your Mr. and BIL on the couch watching that playoff game (excellent strategy!)… 

Once the designs are cut out I recommend cutting out strips of your card stock just a little wider than the circles.  Place a dab of hot glue on the design circle, stick a tooth pick to it then press both onto the bottom of the card stock strip.  Repeat.  Once everything has dried, cut them out and stick into your cupcakes!!!  I should mention you could make yours any shape you want, I did a TON of circles and about 1 dozen pennants.

 My cupcakes!Happy Pinteresting!

 I am grateful for pinterest because really these are simple, inexpensive projects that make me look like Martha Stewart…enhance my non craftiness!!