Weekend Recap: DDS Winter Gala 2012

This weekend was super special because we actually had a reason to get all glammed up for a night out! This was the weekend of the Dental School’s 2012 Winter Gala….aka…Dental School Prom.Friday: By around lunchtime on Friday we had gone from freezing temps to snow, and lots of it. By the time I left the office at 4:30 I was completely at a loss for how to get home without getting stuck.  My Jetta really drives well in poor weather, but super slick, icy roads are no match for any non-4-wheel drive cars.  I left the parking garage with three options… to get stuck at a light on the hill on Michigan, or to get stuck at a light on the hill on State … or to get stuck at a light on the hill on Highland. 

To recap: my only route to get home from work involves hoping I make it up the hill (a), then hoping the light doesn’t change to red while still on the hill (b)…. No matter what, a hill and icy roads were in my future. I started out of the garage to make a left onto Water… but the car in front of me was sliding sideways; therefore, turning left was not an option…right it is…. Michigan is no-longer a route option at this point.  I decided I would take State.  I make my turn onto State and am instantly sliding, under control I started up the hill extremely slowly, and constantly having to realign,  when the light on the very hill I was nervous about turned red. I turned right. I ended up on Highland which was EMPTY yeah and I started up an insanely long, gradually steep hill. But being that I was literally the only one on the road I was confident. Driving, driving, driving, driving, creeping…. Sliding, sliding …. Backwards sliding, and I put myself into the sidewalk to stop, that way I didn’t slide all the way down the road into oncoming traffic. Okay, plan (ummmmmmm) C?D?  When the path was clear I turned around and slid down the road until I hit a turn option and took that side road to the next hill. Luckily, this hill had not yet been plowed so I was able to use the traction to climb to the summit (exaggeration…never!) Once at the top, feeling proud, I realized it was a dead end.  Not so proud. . .   I turned around and was able to go down the hill, turn onto another side street ½ up the hill and make it the rest of the way no problem. 

PHEW! Exhausted yet?!

End of story. It normally takes me about 15 minutes to get home…Friday it took about 50… oh well. Safe and sound, we headed out to dinner with Kris & Kelly at Carrabba’s Friday evening…. In the truck 🙂 Dinner was FANTASTIC! We learned that the Mr. has decided to compare himself to Shaq?! Yep, that sounds about right!  I also learned that I will now just add champagne to any sauce I make, because that is what Carrabba’s did to their alfredo sauce and that was AH-MAZING!Okay… on to the main event! Saturday evening the Dental School hosted their yearly Winter Gala.  They have this event every year and it is a blast.  They have  a cocktail hour, nice dinner, dancing & usually some sort of entertainment.  This year the Gala was held at the Wisconsin Club, which is basically a country club in the city… so a city club?!  No pool or golf course… but lots of enormous chairs and paintings of dead animals, pretty much manly 🙂 We started our night at The Suwalski’s house where they hosted a fancy-schmancy pre-gala partay!  Katie & Lee put together quite the classy affair.  They made special Mad Men inspired drinks and had a whole Pinning worthy spread set up, dips, fruit, artisan pizzas etc…. we were very well fed!  This turned out to be a huge bonus later on…  We all sat around and visited and took some “prom-esc” style pictures, because really when are we ever dressed up like this!

The Mr. & I are well-versed in this prom gig!  We went to many of dances in high school, it is always entertaining to think about getting ready for a very much prom feeling of an evening at 25!  Yesterday I was comparing our photos and DANG we are old!!!  I still think it is really neat to have all these shared memories!!

Prom... 2002

After filling up on h’orderves,old fashions & champagne cocktails we headed down to catch the MU Limo (which is a student safety bus…or free cab) that took us to the Wisconsin Club.   We took a few pictures and headed into the club. 

the girls 2012

The girls 2011

 At first glance this place was really neat, very old fashioned, and lots of wood carving details, crazy ceilings, stained glass and old wallpaper/paintings, but as we soon explored it also had CRAZY large chairs. 

We of course channeled the Drapers and took was we think is a typical husband/wife portrait … look at me, the woman behind the man…  

"yes, dear"

then we repeated for a couples shot!Our gala was held upstairs and the first task of the night was to find our table.  Good thing I am used to dental humor…. We went to pick up our place cards to notice one thing…our table was marked by the tooth.  I think ours said something like left lower incisor…. Something… then the tables had cards that were teeth….and so you had to match your place card written tooth description with the picture of the tooth on the tables.  REALLY?!  Needless to say, this task was quickly handed over to the D.students…

Dinner was great…. Salad & rolls to start, then choice of chicken something or a fillet mignon… the Mr. ordered us two fillets which was perfect until my steak came to me mooing….AHHH!

Terrifying… that was a no-go so he helped himself to a second fillet:)  Like I said, so grateful  for the filling pre-party at Katie & Lee’s!!!  Then the dessert came! To say it was huge would not have done it justice…

After dinner there was a little photo booth action, LOTS of dancing,

during the one slow song...Boys-2-Men..yup, prom!

some more visiting, more dancing then LATE NIGHT SNACKING of …pizza! YAH! 

There was literally no smoke in the room...

 Overall, the evening was fantastic. While last year was a lot of fun with the Casino and live band, it was really nice knowing a bunch of people this year!!! 

Sunday, we woke up went out for a late breakfast… early lunch, then to get orange julious (Justin) and Starbucks (me) and back to the house for a really real day of laundry (me), homework/studying (Justin), phone calls with family (both)… and then lots of DVR catching up (me)- Cheers to a great weekend, I hope your weekend was just as fun!!

 I am grateful Piperlime express shipping… without that option, I would have had nothing to wear! That and great friends (but that one is obvious 🙂)!!


Drooling over the Drapers

This post should really be entitled we are obsessed.

This year on Black Friday Target had all four seasons of Mad Men on sale for $6.00 a season!?!?!  We had been renting Entourage seasons from the library for a while, but Mad Men was always on a long wait list.  So impulsively I scooped up the whole set and then they sat on our shelf until after the holidays. 

 Here was our to do list for when we got home from Minneapolis….

1)      Laundry

2)      Christmas Decorations Clean-Up

3)      Clean out the closets

4)      Pinterest Crafting

5)      Study for boards (Justin)

6)      Work out (both of us)

7)    Be productive members of the human race. . .

 Instead here is a look at our past couple of weeks…. Dates/episodes may not be completely accurate… not sure that really matters!

I should mention each episode is an hour....don't judge us!

So to recap.. our list crossed off is what we accomplished!

1)      Laundry

2)      Christmas Decorations Clean-Up

3)      Clean out the closets

4)      Pinterest Crafting

5)      Study for boards (Justin)

6)      Work out (both of us)

7)    Be productive members of the human race. . .

YEP…. one thing….

 In an effort to preserve mankind and all your productivity…. Here is my list of how life has changed since watching Mad Men. Be warned, this show is awesome and you should watch.

 1)      I hate every article of clothing I own and Justin’s because I spend my time drooling over the clothes on the characters!

Are you kidding me?! So elegant!

2)      I failed miserably at dress shopping for Winter Ball because in my mind I should be Betty Draper. . .


3)      We now have multiple mixology apps on our phones in order to translate Don’s drinks as he orders, or pours 24 hrs a day. . .

an old fashionat 9 am...why thank you Don!

4)      I now refer to our couch as the fainting cushion, because every lady should have one, I mean it is only the proper place to lounge after a hard day of “housewifing”. . .

hmmm, what to make for dinner...

5)      All chores can be ignored, Carla will get to them later. . . this is problem-matic if you do not actually have someone to clean your house… which is why I will not post a picture of what our house looked like on Sunday… yikes!

this is how I will be dressing from now on while cleaning...

6)      When given to option to be productive, or watch another episode of Mad Men, our DVD player will be running…

pretty much how we look after going out...HA!

7)      I am completely torn at my love for this era and my disgust for the “norm” back then…

I die! swoon!

8)      We want to have a theme party. . .

get ready...

 9)      I now wear bright lipstick, because that is what Betty Draper would do. 

current color...Kate Spade, supercalifragilispstick!

10)      I have called multiple thrift stores in the area (I hate thrift stores!) to discuss their selection of 1960’s attire… I am on a mission.

“hi, what do you have in stock that screams, Betty Draper…?”

In case my love for this show is somehow lost in translation… the lesson here is WATCH Mad Men…now. And if you are near us in Wi … watch before March…because I will be having a themed dinner party… and you will be expected to dress in character 🙂  Now…back to online thrifting! omgiamobsessed…is it FRIDAY yet?!

 While I am wistful of the past, I am grateful that I live in a day where being a Mr. & Mrs. means more than taking a last name and having a home & children together! OH THE LIES!!!!

              But OMGOSH the CLOTHES!!!!!amiriteorwhat!

PS: Tara…get these boards over with y’all have some serious catching up to do!