Sweet Baby Girl – Part 1

I feel like I have been waiting to write this post since I started this blog and was just praying for us to start a family… it took a few more months to get the hubby on board with that plan.  But after 40 weeks & 3 days I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Madison Virginia.

I have to say that the first 36 weeks flew by… like ZOOM! We blinked and we were within a month of meeting Madison (or so we thought.) The last month I was getting way too big for my liking and was swelling up big time then the Dr. hit us at our 37 week appointment that it could be ANY DAY!!! Cue my instant panic and excitement.  We called our families, got the car seat checked out, did all the laundry, scrubbed the house etc…. I mean we were ready! Then each day passed and I was still preggers.  Then the next week there wasn’t any change… and the following week still no change…. then the following week my Dr. scheduled us to be induced on the 9th of October CUE TEARS!!!  I did not want to be induced for a variety of reasons, mostly because my Dr. felt it would take about 48 hours from the start of the medicine for us to have Maddy because I really didn’t want to concede to a C-Section, unless it was necessary for Maddy or my health. (please know, I would never have argued with the Dr. had she said that was what we needed to do… I just didn’t want to go that route)—-


So, my last appointment on MY DUE DATE was October 1st, and there is little else as depressing as going to a Dr.’s appointment on your due date because everyone and their sister tells you that you look like you are going to pop… or I didn’t think I would see you this week… or are you ready yet.  To all of these people, I say, I didn’t want to be here either, I wanted to be home, holding my baby girl and enjoying our time as a family…. and I want to not be walking around at the pace of a snail with troll feet… but hey, I’m here just baking my baby till she is good and ready to come out:)

Daddy’s already wrapped around her finger!

A little back story…. while all of this is going on, we were racing against the time to have Madison before Jared and McKenzy (brother & sister-in-law) were coming into town on Friday and staying through the weekend to meet the new little one. Yep… so this whole week Jared was sending me texts about doing jumping jacks, lunges, squats, running, jumping, drinking coffee etc… anything to work this child out- He was a determined Uncle to meet his niece.

Pappy and Grammy meeting Madison for the first time, the NIGHT she was born! SO SPECIAL!!!

Wednesday morning around 1:00am I woke up to sharp shooting contractions, BIG TIME- So I got a glass of ice water and turned on the tv to find Friday Night Lights the movie playing… so I watched. The contractions were about 10 minutes apart, but they were intense.  After two hours of this, I took a shower trying to get them to go away (the Dr. said to try three things every time the contractions start- shower/or take a bath, drink ice-cold water, change positions) this stopped the contractions every single time before this night.   This night things were different.

I woke Justin up at 4:00am and told him that my contractions were 7 minutes apart and he shot up and said are you sure… seriously… seriously… OH MY GOSH!!!!  Then I panicked!  We need to clean, (house was spotless…) change the sheets, get your stuff packed etc… so from 4-5:30 Justin, washed and changed the sheets in our guest room, vacuumed the whole house, did the dishes- I dusted, we packed bags again then we waited.

With no changes at 7am I sent Justin off to school and we figured we would play it by ear through out the day.  I had called the hospital and they told me to wait to come in until a) the pain was too much to handle b)the contractions were 3-5 minutes apart or c) my water broke. . . Meanwhile… I called my parents who were flying out Wednesday night regardless and at 4am their time I was letting them know I thought this was it! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY WHOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

PSYCH!  Come 2:00 that afternoon after hours of 7 minute contractions that took my breath away, they stopped. I would have one every hour or every thirty minutes… but nothing consistent. To say I was upset would be the understatement of the year.

When Justin got home they were back but about 10 mins apart. . . then the Presidential Debate came on and apparently Maddy hates politics like me and she was ready to come out!  The contractions went from 10 to 7 to 5 to 4 minutes apart FAST and the pain was intense.  I called the hospital around 8 and let them know I was 5 minutes apart and I was going to come in around 10 thinking they would get to 3-4 by then…

Don’t mind me… this is my parents meeting Maddy on Facetime from the Seattle airport! 🙂

At 9 I was bent over every 4 minutes in the worst pain ever, no one said this would be easy right?!  And side note… if you find the politicians annoying on a normal day, listening to both candidates repeat the same promises over and over again while experiencing contractions… well, I had some choice words for them!!!  Not to be repeated here 🙂

Our wonderful friend Derek came over at 9:30 to get our keys and take care of the pugs and we took off for the hospital………

PHEW! Long winded, but it’s got a great ending! I’ll post part 2 tomorrow!!!!!

Tired baby 🙂