Madison: 11 Months

IMG_6956Madison: 11 Months!!IMG_6959

One month away y’all!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! Let me first start at this milestone, because time is going fast enough without me talking about 12 months! (seriously though, slow down please)IMG_6973

11 months has been CRAZY!!!! And my 11 months has been crazy, I mean I am pretty sure my daughter is crazy: crazy fast, crazy mobile, crazy silly and just plain crazy!!!! She is WALKING!!! Not just steps like 10 months brought us, but full on walking.  IMG_6976

This just happened about a week ago and still when she stands up and follows me into a room  I am totally taken back, I mean didn’t we just bring her home from the hospital!!!!IMG_6979

She is developing such a fun and really silly personality.  Maddy loves to play games and she really loves laughing.  If I crack up at something she joins right in laughing with me.  The other day she started laughing at the pugs while they were playing and she would point and wave all enthusiastically at them then point to me and we would laugh together.  I think it is amazing watching her grow and learn to interact and really learn to play. There is not a day that goes by where I am not reminded how lucky and blessed I am to be able to stay home and be a part of these little developments.IMG_6989

She is still a good sleeper at night almost going 12 hours at a time!!! (that was my goal for 12 months) — and while she is still napping consistently twice a day for 1.5-2 hours at a time, she now has decided NOTHING can be in her crib during nap time.  Her blahblah elephant, teddy bear, and cuddle blankets that she HAS to have with her for all sleep times she tosses out of her crib before she can fall asleep at nap time.  It is pretty funny to watch on the monitor.IMG_6997

Maddy is still talking up a storm and is now associating Dada, Daddy and Da with Justin specifically and Mamamamama, and Mama with me 🙂  Her absolute favorite thing to do is to say hi and wave at people when we are out.  The other day while shopping at JoAnns, Maddy would yell “hi” at other shoppers and wave, the thing is, the girl will not be ignored…. thus, those grumpy shopper refusing to play along would be yelled at louder, and louder until they would give in and wave at my little nugget.  I mean, have a heart people, this baby girl is proud of her wave!!!IMG_7017

Unlike the past where she would be a little shy, she is now all about getting the attention and playing with our friends when they are over!!  Maddy is really happy meeting new people and is always willing to let someone play with her toys, as long as everyone is on board with her food being hers, she is not so into sharing food!IMG_7022

As always, I am LOVING our new life with this little nugget and continue to look forward to many more memories and milestones ahead!!!  Just think in a few short weeks I’ll be posting about her 1st Birthday party!!!!!!!!!!! IMG_7023