Y’all Hungry?! 4 hours and 34 meals later…

y'all hungry buttonI don’t know about your households, but in ours…. nothing kills a good mood like “what’s for dinner?” We go through this daily and it always leads to some sort of taco dish or a rummaged up pantry meal or more likely, we go out to eat. This is bad on so many levels, but mainly because we are spending WAY too much money eating out and are making even worse decisions (can I say chicken queso burrito within walking distance) YIKES!

Well, a couple of weeks ago when we were getting organized, running through our “to do” list, and budget issues I realized I had to figure something out that was easy and inexpensive and would last long term!

Admittedly, I like to have dinner ready for my Mr. when he comes home M-Thursday and also Sunday- We like to do something different and fun Friday & Saturday. The little nugget makes this difficult some days which is where meals became a stressor!

HELLO PINTEREST!!!!! I searched for easy, inexpensive Crockpot freezer meals and I came across several blogs that listed out different meals that are easy to prepare and then freeze, then pop in the Crockpot. It just sounded DREAMY to me! As usual I jumped in headfirst, I downloaded her grocery list and doubled it (math is not my strong suit….) and then loaded up the nugget and we headed off to the store.

Grocery List: I ended up with a couple of extra sweet potatoes (like 6, whoops) and 4 extra onions- but I figure I can do something with those!


ADD: 1 lb maple sausage & 1 lb hot sausage 🙂

After 40 minutes and what looked like a crazy person buying out the canned beans and tomatoes and 1 million onions…. we checked out. I had purchased enough food to create 34 meals that each consist of 4-6 servings (or two dinners and one lunch for both of us) and my bill was $213- $100 of that in meat alone.
The lady checking me out exclaimed that I must have a huge family (I HATE when people comment on my purchases) and I was like ummmmm, nope, just my husband the baby and me…. we really like to eat.

Anyways…. we made it home and I unloaded everything while watching Maddy chase Betty Lou around the yard.

Later that night after we got Maddy down for bed, I got busy!

Here is my prep list:
Chop vegetables (thank you food processor), brown sausage, open cans, get out spices and label freezer bags with recipe name, date, cook instructions and any other notes such as add chicken broth– I also wrote THAW first huge on each bag in case the Mr. is in charge of cooking one night!

Then I started assembling! It took almost 2 hours to the dot to prep and another 2 hours to assemble. So far we have tried three of the meals and LOVED them! It really is that easy, I make a new one about every other day excluding weekends and both our dinners and lunches have been taken care of for all of us! Maddy even likes the meals. The best part is NO WORK! I have made rice or corn bread or salads with the meals, but come on, the big part is done and the sides are choice 🙂

Recipes! Note: I didn’t include a lot of the needed spices on my grocery list because they are staples in our spice cabinet, you may want to read this over before going shopping!!


If you have any questions let me know!!! Happy Prepping!!! I didn’t take pictures of the process, but I will next time for sure, I will also start earlier in the day, measuring at midnight is not recommended!

All meals either taken from or adapted from: Loving My Nest


1st Birthday…as requested!

Y’all…. it is actually happening!  My little nugget is turning one in just two short weeks, cue tears of both joy and a little sadness (I mean, one!!! OHMYGOSH)  so anyways, BIG SHOCK!  I am planning a big birthday bash to celebrate our first year as a family of three!  I have been working with our good friend to plan a perfect little Sophie soiree for Miss Maddy. IMG_3372

There will be so much more on her birthday to come, but I want to save the details for after the party!!  Anyways…. Madison does not need anything for her birthday, but when I tell people that on a daily basis they roll their eyes and ask again for reals, like give me an idea because I don’t know kids 🙂 So at the request of a few family members and friends here is a little look into what Maddy likes these days!! I included a few links, but I’m pretty sure everything is sold at Target (because that is our second home)IMG_3059

By the way, it is hard not to think about my poor swollen feet/hands that were my reality one year ago, and how much our lives have changed, it seriously takes my breath away thinking about how much fun, and love Madison has brought into our world!!! Oh man, I am going to be one sappy Mama come October 4th!!!!

Maddy 1 Year:

Books!!!  Madison LOVES touch and feel or peek-a-boo books!  She has recently started pulling specific books off of her shelves for us to read and they are always the interactive board books.

From Amazon- example

From Amazon- example

Aden & Anais-  this is simply the best brand!!! Maddy is obsessed with her little “cuddle” blankets and always needs more.  She has them everywhere, in bed, in the car, in my diaper bag, in the living room etc…. if she is in ever in need of comfort these blankets offer her that security (hence the name security blanket)—– Also, she just as of this week started sleeping with a blanket and Aden & Anais has a dream blanket that I know she will love just as much as her security blankets!

link below- Cuddle Blankets

link below- Cuddle Blankets


link below, dream blanket

link below, dream blanket


Cookware 🙂  Girl loves to play with our pots and pans, Tupperware etc… any thing that she can bang on she loves!

link below

link below


Stackable stuff! Maddy played with these stackable LARGE legos for the first time during a play date with Mr. Cooper while in AK and she really thought these were awesome 🙂  I had a bit of a time learning how to properly construct any structure! HAHA!

example, at Toys R Us

example, at Toys R Us

Any type of throwable items…. balls, cups, lids etc… she is really learning to throw so we are introducing her to any sort of non-destructable item!!

She also really likes anything that you can press a button and hear a noise or see a light or bonus points if it looks like an iPhone or iPad 🙂

And….. since the number one question is what size is Maddy now (I mean baby girl clothes OMG)- She is currently wearing 12months for the most part, but 18 months are not too, too far off, especially if the clothes are for colder weather.  And size 4 for shoes (she is in 3’s now, but will be in 4’s in the next couple of months)IMG_3039

I CANNOT wait to share all of the party details for all of our friends and family who will not be able to make the party, but I want it to be a surprise for those attending!!!

Madison: 11 Months

IMG_6956Madison: 11 Months!!IMG_6959

One month away y’all!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! Let me first start at this milestone, because time is going fast enough without me talking about 12 months! (seriously though, slow down please)IMG_6973

11 months has been CRAZY!!!! And my 11 months has been crazy, I mean I am pretty sure my daughter is crazy: crazy fast, crazy mobile, crazy silly and just plain crazy!!!! She is WALKING!!! Not just steps like 10 months brought us, but full on walking.  IMG_6976

This just happened about a week ago and still when she stands up and follows me into a room  I am totally taken back, I mean didn’t we just bring her home from the hospital!!!!IMG_6979

She is developing such a fun and really silly personality.  Maddy loves to play games and she really loves laughing.  If I crack up at something she joins right in laughing with me.  The other day she started laughing at the pugs while they were playing and she would point and wave all enthusiastically at them then point to me and we would laugh together.  I think it is amazing watching her grow and learn to interact and really learn to play. There is not a day that goes by where I am not reminded how lucky and blessed I am to be able to stay home and be a part of these little developments.IMG_6989

She is still a good sleeper at night almost going 12 hours at a time!!! (that was my goal for 12 months) — and while she is still napping consistently twice a day for 1.5-2 hours at a time, she now has decided NOTHING can be in her crib during nap time.  Her blahblah elephant, teddy bear, and cuddle blankets that she HAS to have with her for all sleep times she tosses out of her crib before she can fall asleep at nap time.  It is pretty funny to watch on the monitor.IMG_6997

Maddy is still talking up a storm and is now associating Dada, Daddy and Da with Justin specifically and Mamamamama, and Mama with me 🙂  Her absolute favorite thing to do is to say hi and wave at people when we are out.  The other day while shopping at JoAnns, Maddy would yell “hi” at other shoppers and wave, the thing is, the girl will not be ignored…. thus, those grumpy shopper refusing to play along would be yelled at louder, and louder until they would give in and wave at my little nugget.  I mean, have a heart people, this baby girl is proud of her wave!!!IMG_7017

Unlike the past where she would be a little shy, she is now all about getting the attention and playing with our friends when they are over!!  Maddy is really happy meeting new people and is always willing to let someone play with her toys, as long as everyone is on board with her food being hers, she is not so into sharing food!IMG_7022

As always, I am LOVING our new life with this little nugget and continue to look forward to many more memories and milestones ahead!!!  Just think in a few short weeks I’ll be posting about her 1st Birthday party!!!!!!!!!!! IMG_7023

Madison: 8 Months (well…. a month ago)

IMG_6005I should have named this post, Madison: 8 months (or the month she never slept… like ever, never ever, ever slept…) IMG_5994

Madison: 8 Months!IMG_6000

This past month Maddy turned 8 months old and I cried.  OH MY GOODNESS!!! When does this happen?!  I cannot even stand how old she is getting and how quickly she is changing.  8 Months brought us a LOT of new changes and developments.  Going into month 8, Maddy was taking at least one long nap a day in her crib and typically another nap in the car seat or stroller later on in the afternoon, then she would go down around 7:30. Then we went to Minnesota and everything changed…. she stopped sleeping for naps and at night! Re-sleep training will be another post!!! Let’s focus on the wonderful from 8 months!!IMG_6008

TEETH!!!!!  While this may not really get anyone else excited, in our household the entrance or final poking through of two little bottom toothers was greeted with MAJOR enthusiasm from the Mr.  She is still working on the top two, but man, those tiny little teeth in her gummy grin just melt my heart! Her Daddy’s pretty proud too 🙂IMG_6013

MOVEMENT!  She is full on mobile! Crawling fast and focused after anything and every thing.  She also started pulling up on everything.  Her favorite activity is playing with her music table, she pulls up, starts the music and dances!!!  IMG_6016

“DaDa”- Yep, this Father’s Day weekend Maddy decided to start saying “dada” all the time!!!  She just looks up at Justin and starts saying his name…. I AM BEYOND jealous!!!  She just has the sweetest little voice!!!  She is also babbling big time from the moment she wakes up.  This girl has a lot to say!!IMG_6033

More firsts!  Waving and saluting (more later), clapping, pointing, tons more solids and swimming are a few more of the new things that 8 months brought us! Oh! 8 months also brought Maddy her new BFF 🙂


As usual, we are still living it up as Maddy’s parents and I LOVE this phase, I also continue to look forward to each new milestone! Since as I write this post she is already 9 months… I will post that one soon!!!IMG_5981

Happy 8 Months Madison Virginia, We LOVE you!!!IMG_6027

My Morning Started with a Starbuck’s Latte….

and my day just kept getting better from there….

my baby love!

my baby love!

Let me rewind so I can explain how totally spoiled and how wonderful my first Mother’s Day weekend was thanks to my Mr. & his little sidekick!!



The week leading up to Mother’s Day we were finally enjoying 75-85* weather, it was bright, sunny, and BEAUTIFUL aboutdamntime and Maddy and I spent every possible moment outside, walking, playing and just enjoying being outside.  It has been a L_O_N_G winter and we both needed to be outside getting some fresh air and sunshining love!!!! Needless to say, I was all but jumping out of my skin thinking about my first Mother’s Day weekend being filled with picnics, long family walks, FroYo & park play dates……IMG_2552

HAHA! Jokes on me!!!!IMG_2529

Saturday we wake up to a freezing cold raining day.  I was not pleased.  You know, sometimes the weather just sucks and that sucky-ness can really bring you down… and down I was.  I think, per my usual overdrive of an imagination my hopes for the weekend were WAY WAY up and this weather brought it crashing down.  Up until this weather hit I had been able to keep control of my emotions about spending my first Mother’s Day without my Mom…. the thing is we have unfortunately had to spend several Mother’s Days apart because of college, but this year it hit me HARD.  I was missing my mom some kind of bad, I mean sometimes I hate these miles between us so much that it hurts.  As my Mr. puts it, it takes me about 3 weeks to get over saying goodbye…. I guess in my grand plan hahahahaha of life, I imagined my first Mother’s Day being spent with my mom too…. so ummmm yay, the miles were felt when I woke up to freezing rain!!!!IMG_2531

HAVE NO FEAR, my MR. was here and ready to save the weekend!!! First we went out to get steaks for him to grill and movies to watch (one good one WAY too long) and then the moment the sun came out we went for a long walk to a local coffee shop….IMG_2559

Okay, it’s finally sunny, we harness up the pugs, bundle Maddy up and head out for a good latte.  We get about a mile into our walk and the first FREEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZING rain drop hits me.  I say, “do you think we should turn around, I don’t want Maddy out in the rain…” Him….”no, there are no clouds, these are probably just fluke rain drops….” Me…OK.IMG_2534

Three blocks later and three blocks from the coffee shop…. the sky got DARK and we have to practically run home to beat the rain. SANS coffee……but that’s okay, because it is times like this that memories are made and my family laughs!!! I bet people driving past were cracking up as they watched us trying to semi-run, dragging two pugs, me in Toms shoes that were preggo sized (HUGE) and Justin leading us all with the stroller…. then we passed another young family who had zipped their baby up in the Dad’s coat, difference is they were carrying coffee 🙂 so yeah, we all make questionable decisions when there is a desire for a good latte!!!IMG_2537

Later that afternoon, Justin asked me a couple of times if I wanted him to go get me a coffee…no, that’s ok I said over and over, then he said “but I know you want a grande cafe latte with skim milk, right?…. ummmm, yeah, I would love one, but it’s fine I just drank a DC. …then he said (which should have been a clue) but if you were to go to Starbucks, that’s what you would get right>

ummm yes.IMG_2540

Well, folks, Sunday morning I woke up to my little smiling nugget and my Mr. holding a Starbucks cup!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!  Justin woke up early, loaded the loud pug, Magnolia in the car and drive to Starbucks to get my latte and came home, wrapped it in a warm dish towel and then took care of Maddy until she was hungry so that I could sleep in.  It was AWESOME.  I would like to wake up to my family holding my Starbucks latte every morning!!!!IMG_2539

He had a plethora of cards, (I get two from him for each holiday) a nice, thoughtful card and a funny (usually inappropriate….) card and then a SWEET card that Maddy picked out for me!!!! He said he held up a dozen cards and this is the one she picked and then immediately started eating WINNER!!!!!  They got me a picnic blanket to use on all our park outings and then we headed out for brunch.IMG_2551

That afternoon, the nugget gave me the honor (it really was) of snuggling with her for two hours while she napped, we watched Argo… and just enjoyed spending the day as a family.

No, the weather was not pleasant, but it turned out not to matter.  We still went walking,still ate FroYo, and still got to play with Maddy….IMG_2536

So my day started out with a latte and it just kept getting better!!!

Happy (late) Mother’s Day to all the Mamas and soon-to-be Mamas out there! I hope you all received your version of a Starbucks latte in bed!!!IMG_5861

& Thanks again to my Mr. for making my first Mother’s Day a very special day full of memories, laughs and most importantly love for me!!!!


PS… sorry for the few blurry pictures… baby on the move is rough on picture quality! HAHA

Madison: 7 Months!!!

IMG_5763Here we go again!!! Madison is another month older… and many days…. but here are her 7 month highlights with of course, a little photo shoot!!!IMG_5768

Madison: 7 Months!IMG_5771

BUSY!BUSY!!BUSY!!! BUSY Baby Girl!  IMG_5777

Maddy never stops moving, ever, unless she is sleeping, or eating something really yummy!!!  From the moment she wakes up she is playing.  She literally wakes up and sits up in her crib and starts playing with her BlaBla elephant Josephine (get one now if you too have a little one, she is AWESOME) — she will just sit up, turn on her mobile (girl likes to wake up to music) and starts chatting and playing with Josephine.  Then when I walk in she gives me that big gummy grin and reaches her arms up for me! (my heart melts, every single time)IMG_5784

Then it is game on… we play all day, only taking pause to eat or nap, or go on walks.  We stay busy!!!!!IMG_5733

So Maddy is sitting up all on her own now!!! That is the big 7 month trick!!  She worked and worked at it for a couple of weeks then pop, up she came.  Now we cannot do anything (change her diaper… towel her off…) without her trying to sit up.IMG_5792

She is also planking, and balancing on her knees just inching to take that first crawling step!IMG_5793

She is crazy close, pulling the inch worm crawl every now and then.  I fear I have only days left of a non-crawler left. IMG_5802

Madison still loves the pugs, laughing, getting tickled, the “boo” game and going outside.  She likes going for stroller rides and carrier walks as well as just rolling around in the yard.  IMG_5818

The best is when the pugs are barking at someone on the sidewalk while we are outside, that is just hilarious to the little one! IMG_5824

We are still giving her lots of frozen fruit in the mesh feeder and purees along with more and more “finger” food to get her used to eating more solids.  For the most part she likes everything, it just takes a couple of times feeding her something new for her to commit to liking that food!!!IMG_5841

Going to the park, riding in store buggies, pulling up to standing and army crawling are a few more of her favorite things!!!  Oh, she really enjoys swinging, as long as it is tiny pushes and she can see one of us at all times!!! IMG_5748

As I say each month, it is all going WAY too fast.  Each stage is more exciting than the last and we continue to have a blast playing with our little girl.  We love this little nugget and while I miss her newborn constant snuggles and lap naps, I wouldn’t trade these gummy grins and slobbery kisses for the world!!!!IMG_5754

Happy 7 Months Madison Virginia, we LOVE you!!!!


Madison: 6 Months!

IMG_5629Here we are again!  Each month I think I’ll do better at posting my mom stories or other happenings, but then I blink and another month has flown by and I’m getting texts from my dad asking about where Maddy’s monthly pictures are?!  The thing about my dad is I can almost guarantee he will continue to ask about monthly pictures long after I’ve stopped 🙂IMG_5619

Madison 6 MONTHS!!!IMG_5609

Miss Personality!!!! OH BABY! This girl is extremely expressive and passionate about whatever she is doing, or not wanting to be doing!!  Now she will start to fuss if she gets bored and the moment we switch up the activity she is all grins and giggles.IMG_5608

It is really a lot of fun to be her Mama.  IMG_5598This month brought more rolling, belly laughs, sitting up, bouncing (oh my goodness the bouncing!) and even our first night out and Maddy’s first night with a team of baby sitters!IMG_5596

She is now 16lbs and 13oz and 26.25 inches long and perfectly roly poly healthy!  Our Dr. said Maddy is right on track to being the cutest 6 month old she’s ever seen! I think (know because she says it all the time) that she is totally jealous of Maddy’s hair bows and outfits as she is the mom of three boys!!!She also prepped us for summer by saying let Maddy eat dirt and sand because eventually she will learn they are not food groups. OKAY DOKAY!IMG_5593

As for our little nugget she has become obsessed with frozen strawberries and peaches!  We use this little mesh feeder tool and stuff it full of frozen fruit and she goes to town.  We have also started giving her bits and pieces of other things we are eating like cucumbers and apples to get her used to eating solid foods.  We give her a large piece and she sucks on it then bangs it on the table, it is a fun game!IMG_5587

Every day I am reminded how lucky I am to be staying home and spending all of this quality time with my little love and getting to experience all of her firsts with her!  I just melt when I see that gummy grin in the morning after a long night of sleep and she kicks those feet all excited to see her Mama!!! The feeling is beyond mutual!!!IMG_5583

Happy 1/2 Birthday Madison Virginia!!!!!IMG_5561

Madison: 5 MONTHS!!!!



Madison 5 Months!!!

Really you're trying these again....

Really you’re trying these again….

Better late than never right!!! Madison is five months old?!?! WHAT!!! When did that happen rhetorical… obviously I know the date 🙂 ***  But seriously y’all, Maddy is growing up so incredibly fast!!!  We are constantly noticing more “things” she can do, she is almost sitting up by herself, she is rolling to get to things (yikes mobility!), she has mastered the art of the belly laugh, and reaching for things -pish, no big deal!

I'm over this!

I’m over this!

The other day I was at the mall and this lady stopped me and said, “girl, that baby came straight outta you!” I was a little taken back, one… because that was the most random statement ever, but I just said, yep… that’s pretty much how it happened! HAHA!!! Really, so many people stop and tell me that Maddy is a little mini-me 🙂 and I LOVE it!!!IMG_5166

The more I get to know her and the more her personality develops the more I am starting to see her daddy!!! DETERMINATION! That should be her middle name, if she decides she wants to get something or master a new technique then she is not going to stop until she gets it done….or more likely gets it to her mouth!!!IMG_5189

She loves her rice cereal and recently a peach/apple oatmeal, but don’t even try to feed this girl any other food! We are slowly working in new foods and the key has been to make a soup out of anything steamed! Five months also brought us her first cold, but that will be a separate post!IMG_5176

Overall, I have to say my favorite new habit is her hugs and sloppy kisses!!! She will wrap her arms around my neck and nuzzle in close when I pick her up!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!  Five months has brought us lots of smiles and laughter and we can’t wait to see what month six brings… but seriously, can time slow down!!!IMG_5144

Happy Five Months Madison Virginia! We love you!!!!

Madison: 4 Months!!!

IMG_4884My oh MY!  Our baby girl is growing up fast and she really hit her stride this month!

IMG_4920Four months has brought us a very engaging baby.  Madison greets us with big smiles and loves to laugh when we blow her belly kisses or make funny faces.  She is really a very happy baby who loves to play and LOVES to roll over!!!  Yes, it’s official our little miss can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy… which not to brag…(bragging) our Dr. said that was extremely advanced for her age.  What can I say super mama here 🙂 IMG_4928HAHA!!  We had her four month Dr.’s appointment a couple of weeks ago and she is now 25 inches long and 14lbs 5.5oz… growing steady.  She is in the 50% for weight and 75% for height…. again, we get told these stats but really all I care about is she’s healthy!  The biggest change in month four is her ability to really bounce in her bouncer and grab at toys.  For example, we took her out to dinner with us last night and she immediately reached for my water-glass —- resulting in a spilled glass of water… then she was reaching for my spoon, napkins, sandwich… etc… girl was on a mission to grab things and then bring them to her mouth.  It is really amazing to see how much she grows every single day.

IMG_4953We started her on rice cereal last week and SHOCKING she loves it!!!  It is pretty fun to watch her think through eating and really commit to grabbing the spoon and bringing it to her mouth.  I keep thinking slow down, this is all happening too fast, then she does something else and I think what a great age!!! IMG_4876 For now, I keep snuggling up with Maddy and stealing all her sugar (kisses, wet soberly kisses) and just enjoy all her month 4 experiences!!!

Here is another little video montage of her 4 month pictures…WARNING there are like 100 pictures, this is just the easiest way for me to show Grammy and Pappy these pictures!!!  

Splish Splash… what was the next lyric?!

IMG_4550Before we had Madison I thought I knew the lyrics of a lot of songs…. then she came suddenly I find out there is a second verse of “You are My Sunshine,” it’s a sad verse. about waking up in the middle of the night crying?! WHAT?! Then Christmas came around and I am hmmmmmmmming through “Frosty the Snowman.”  Where did my brain go?  Or did I ever really know the lyrics?!IMG_4549

The Mr. and I laugh all the time because we start singing to Maddy and then poof the words are gone and we are mumbling through the rest of the song as quickly as possible to get to the chorus again!  Let me tell you,  the ABC’s are pretty much our go to song!IMG_4538

While I find it is pretty easy to talk to Maddy throughout the day about anything, Maddy, should we clean the kitchen….ok, now let’s let your furry sisters outside etc…. it’s just talking so that she can hear me talk and according to all the books sitting under my coffee table, that is how babies develop their language skills… the Mr. on the other hand, finds that constant  talking is EXHAUSTING!  In fact, this has been a source of tension in our house because I think he is just sitting there silently all the time with her, while he feels that constantly talking is just impossible for him.  Basically it boiled down into a ummmmmmmm, discussion…. 🙂 Where we made a better plan!IMG_4521

Reading & Singing!  Now he is reading a lot more to her and singing along with Pandora radio and I handle more of the constant talking. It is actually a good system, because it gives both of us different ways to interact with Maddy during our time.  Don’t over read into this….. I read and sing with Maddy and he still talks to her a lot!! IMG_4523

So… about those lyrics!  Justin has been in charge of bath time since Maddy was born and he LOVES bath time just as much if not more than Madison!!!  He gets her in her little whale of a tub and the splish, splash all around….see where I am going with this! IMG_4527

This is us, SINGLING LOUDLY… .”Splish Splash I was taking a bath, da dadada da.” repeat several times.  We looked it up on youtube. WAY too many words, but here is the part we are working on learning complete with some bath time photos 🙂 YES, she will one day be mad about me posting bath time pictures, but they are too cute to keep to myself!

IMG_4558Splish splash
I was takin’ a bath

IMG_4560‘Long about a Saturday night (yeah!)
A rub dub

IMG_4562Just relaxin’ in the tub
Thinkin’ everything was all right

IMG_4563Well, I stepped out the tub
Put my feet on the floor

IMG_4580I wrapped the towel around me
And I opened the door

IMG_4581And then a 
Splish, splash

IMG_4587I jumped back in the bath
Well, how was I to know
There was a party goin’ on

IMG_4594They was a-splishin’ and a-splashin’

Reelin’ with the feelin’

Daddy loves making soap mohawks :)

Daddy loves making soap mohawks 🙂

Movin’ and a-groovin’

Rockin’ and a-rollin’ (hey there)

Betty Lou our #1 helper!

Betty Lou our #1 helper!