Y’all Hungry?! Baby Food Edition!

y'all hungry buttonGood Morning!  Before Maddy started eating pretty much whatever we are eating (current state) I had a lot of practice making her fresh purees to enjoy!



I decided after reading several blogs from other young mamas that I would be making her baby food.  Initially I thought I would make everything, but after an attempt at making a chicken puree that looked more like a gross paste…GAG….(I did not feed her that) I amended my plans to make her everything EXCEPT meat purees, we would be buying those!IMG_5876

Overall, I would say I probably saved us  a couple of hundred dollars, maybe a little more… total by making the majority of her foods but, in a household living on a shoe string budget, a couple of hundred dollars helps us out in a big way!!IMG_5877

Making baby purees is EASY!  It is pretty much a few steps repeated a million times in any combination that sounds good!



Buy your groceries…. We would go to Costco and load up on any fresh produce we could find that sounded good.  Maddy LOVES strawberries and raspberries (as evident from the pictures) so I would add those to a lot of the mixes just to get the flavor she enjoys.  IMG_5878

Here is a list of the foods from this round-

Honeydew, watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, cantaloupe, peaches, banana, pineapple, carrots, apples, pears, sweet peas, sweet corn, potatoes…. I think that is all!IMG_5879

After I washed and prepped (peeled, cubed or sliced) all of the fruit I would steam the produce needing to be softened then I simply make different combinations by putting the produce in our Cuisinart and blending it until pretty much smooth.  I would leave a little bit of texture just to get her used to eating textured foods.  Depending on the nature of the mix I sometimes would add rice cereal as a thickening agent, or frozen fruits if it was getting a little watery.IMG_5885

A few of the mixes Maddy loves: carrots & apples, apple-pear, carrots- strawberries, honeydew-banana, sweet pea-carrots, sweet corn-apples, and her FAVE pineapple-strawberry-banana**IMG_5884

After everything was mixed up, I simply pour out the mixtures into ice trays and little tupperware containers and then plop them into the freezer.  When it was time to feed her I just pull out a tray and pop a cube out or bring out a little container and put them in the microwave for seconds and poof food 🙂

to save space, after the cubes are frozen - sometimes I would pop them out and store in a large tupperware

to save space, after the cubes are frozen – sometimes I would pop them out and store in a large tupperware

Overall, the ease and guaranteed freshness that came from making Maddy’s food made this entire process TOTALLY worth while and should siblings ever be entered into Maddy’s life, I could see me doing this again!!!




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