1st Birthday…as requested!

Y’all…. it is actually happening!  My little nugget is turning one in just two short weeks, cue tears of both joy and a little sadness (I mean, one!!! OHMYGOSH)  so anyways, BIG SHOCK!  I am planning a big birthday bash to celebrate our first year as a family of three!  I have been working with our good friend to plan a perfect little Sophie soiree for Miss Maddy. IMG_3372

There will be so much more on her birthday to come, but I want to save the details for after the party!!  Anyways…. Madison does not need anything for her birthday, but when I tell people that on a daily basis they roll their eyes and ask again for reals, like give me an idea because I don’t know kids 🙂 So at the request of a few family members and friends here is a little look into what Maddy likes these days!! I included a few links, but I’m pretty sure everything is sold at Target (because that is our second home)IMG_3059

By the way, it is hard not to think about my poor swollen feet/hands that were my reality one year ago, and how much our lives have changed, it seriously takes my breath away thinking about how much fun, and love Madison has brought into our world!!! Oh man, I am going to be one sappy Mama come October 4th!!!!

Maddy 1 Year:

Books!!!  Madison LOVES touch and feel or peek-a-boo books!  She has recently started pulling specific books off of her shelves for us to read and they are always the interactive board books.

From Amazon- example

From Amazon- example

Aden & Anais-  this is simply the best brand!!! Maddy is obsessed with her little “cuddle” blankets and always needs more.  She has them everywhere, in bed, in the car, in my diaper bag, in the living room etc…. if she is in ever in need of comfort these blankets offer her that security (hence the name security blanket)—– Also, she just as of this week started sleeping with a blanket and Aden & Anais has a dream blanket that I know she will love just as much as her security blankets!

link below- Cuddle Blankets

link below- Cuddle Blankets


link below, dream blanket

link below, dream blanket


Cookware 🙂  Girl loves to play with our pots and pans, Tupperware etc… any thing that she can bang on she loves!

link below

link below


Stackable stuff! Maddy played with these stackable LARGE legos for the first time during a play date with Mr. Cooper while in AK and she really thought these were awesome 🙂  I had a bit of a time learning how to properly construct any structure! HAHA!

example, at Toys R Us

example, at Toys R Us

Any type of throwable items…. balls, cups, lids etc… she is really learning to throw so we are introducing her to any sort of non-destructable item!!

She also really likes anything that you can press a button and hear a noise or see a light or bonus points if it looks like an iPhone or iPad 🙂

And….. since the number one question is what size is Maddy now (I mean baby girl clothes OMG)- She is currently wearing 12months for the most part, but 18 months are not too, too far off, especially if the clothes are for colder weather.  And size 4 for shoes (she is in 3’s now, but will be in 4’s in the next couple of months)IMG_3039

I CANNOT wait to share all of the party details for all of our friends and family who will not be able to make the party, but I want it to be a surprise for those attending!!!


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