Madison: 10 months!

IMG_6624Madison: 10 Months!!
IMG_6638Well, it FINALLY happened…. Maddy is officially saying “MaMa” and I am THRILLED!!!!
It’s really more like “mamamamamama” but I’ll take it and treasure the thought!

oh yea, I point now! It means I want that NOW!!!

oh yea, I point now! It means I want that NOW!!!

10 months has brought us about 15 steps  (literally) closer to walking, constant standing, conquering of the staircase and many more “words”.  IMG_6656
She says, hey, bye bye, night night (we believe), dada, mama, and nananananananan oh, and with her Uncle Jared she says- whah whah whah whah… it’s their special language!IMG_6659
Maddy loves to dance especially to the Grease soundtrack and she recently became obsessed with waving while riding in her push buggy.
She is still a napping champ and sleeping through the night & I’m fairly confident she could win a deli meat eating contest if we could find one!  IMG_6677
Let’s see….. 10 months had many more firsts other than the first steps- she had her first two flights, one to Louisiana and one to Alaska — her first trip to Alaska and meeting many of our “extended” family. She went down a slide, walked full speed with a walker, and became best friends with both a wild yellow lab and a GIANT golden retriever.
Enjoy the pictures from our 10 month photo shoot, she was a willing super model this go around!

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