Madison: 9 Months

IMG_6226Madison : 9 Months!!!IMG_6232

Another month down and it just seems that each night I close my eyes and wake up to  the next month, time is FLYING!!!!IMG_6240

Maddy is another month old and the girl is becoming more and more mobile by the second.  IMG_6245

This month she climbed up two stairs and has started to let go of her “railings” while standing and is standing by herself (for a few seconds)!  Walking is going to happen any week now, and I am NOT ready!  IMG_6285

She is still talking up a storm saying “dada” and what sounds like “bye bye.” Even with my hours of practice, she refuses to spit out “mama.” 🙂IMG_6309

We moved on from the month of no naps to two naps a day and she is sleeping at least 9 hours straight at night, then back to sleep for at least 3 more after eating.  I am like a new person with all this sleep and free time!IMG_6314

Maddy loves going to the pool, playing with her friends and people watching.She is still very giggly and her silly personality is starting to really shine through.The pugs are officially best friends with Maddy as she has become good at sharing her snacks with them all the time! HAHA!IMG_6321

Same as last month, the photo shoots are becoming more challenging 🙂

Enjoy the pictures!


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