Red * White & SPARKLE!

IMG_6164Happy 4th of July Y’all!!!!

(don’t judge me on the timing!)IMG_6175

I wanted to start by saying it was amazing how many people across our beautiful nation celebrated Madison’s 9 month birthday (7/4) with beautiful fireworks! It was truly touching 🙂 HAHAHA!!!!IMG_6170

I don’t know about y’all but I cannot hear the National Anthem be performed without tearing up, I am just proud to be an American and am more proud and THANKFUL for our troops who continue to fight for the lives we are able to live!!IMG_6180

Needless to say, put my adorable mamasbiasedopinion at a parade waving a flag as a float of Vets pass by, and the crowd stands….pile of mush!IMG_6183

This 4th of July as a family we walked down to the Wauwatosa 4th of July parade and watched Miss Maddy really learn to wave and cheer as she experienced her first parade.IMG_6185

We had been working on waving for a few weeks and being out there with hoards (everyone in Tosa) of people waving she really caught on and got into the action! I am pretty sure she waved at everyone who passed including lots of pooches until she figured out how to clap.IMG_6192

Then she clapped while floats passed! It was too cute for words!!!!IMG_6189

The Mr. ran out and grabbed a flag from a boy scout troop passing them out for Maddy to wave and anytime she wasn’t eating the flag she was waving it proudly!IMG_6195

We had a blast!  I recently read on a blog that the best part of parenting is experiencing everything again from the eyes of your children.IMG_6197

I could not agree more, it was exciting seeing how Maddy reacts to marching bands, fire engines and just people waving!IMG_6194

I CANNOT wait to see how she reacts to fireworks in the years to come!


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