Madison: 8 Months (well…. a month ago)

IMG_6005I should have named this post, Madison: 8 months (or the month she never slept… like ever, never ever, ever slept…) IMG_5994

Madison: 8 Months!IMG_6000

This past month Maddy turned 8 months old and I cried.  OH MY GOODNESS!!! When does this happen?!  I cannot even stand how old she is getting and how quickly she is changing.  8 Months brought us a LOT of new changes and developments.  Going into month 8, Maddy was taking at least one long nap a day in her crib and typically another nap in the car seat or stroller later on in the afternoon, then she would go down around 7:30. Then we went to Minnesota and everything changed…. she stopped sleeping for naps and at night! Re-sleep training will be another post!!! Let’s focus on the wonderful from 8 months!!IMG_6008

TEETH!!!!!  While this may not really get anyone else excited, in our household the entrance or final poking through of two little bottom toothers was greeted with MAJOR enthusiasm from the Mr.  She is still working on the top two, but man, those tiny little teeth in her gummy grin just melt my heart! Her Daddy’s pretty proud too 🙂IMG_6013

MOVEMENT!  She is full on mobile! Crawling fast and focused after anything and every thing.  She also started pulling up on everything.  Her favorite activity is playing with her music table, she pulls up, starts the music and dances!!!  IMG_6016

“DaDa”- Yep, this Father’s Day weekend Maddy decided to start saying “dada” all the time!!!  She just looks up at Justin and starts saying his name…. I AM BEYOND jealous!!!  She just has the sweetest little voice!!!  She is also babbling big time from the moment she wakes up.  This girl has a lot to say!!IMG_6033

More firsts!  Waving and saluting (more later), clapping, pointing, tons more solids and swimming are a few more of the new things that 8 months brought us! Oh! 8 months also brought Maddy her new BFF 🙂


As usual, we are still living it up as Maddy’s parents and I LOVE this phase, I also continue to look forward to each new milestone! Since as I write this post she is already 9 months… I will post that one soon!!!IMG_5981

Happy 8 Months Madison Virginia, We LOVE you!!!IMG_6027


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