My Morning Started with a Starbuck’s Latte….

and my day just kept getting better from there….

my baby love!

my baby love!

Let me rewind so I can explain how totally spoiled and how wonderful my first Mother’s Day weekend was thanks to my Mr. & his little sidekick!!



The week leading up to Mother’s Day we were finally enjoying 75-85* weather, it was bright, sunny, and BEAUTIFUL aboutdamntime and Maddy and I spent every possible moment outside, walking, playing and just enjoying being outside.  It has been a L_O_N_G winter and we both needed to be outside getting some fresh air and sunshining love!!!! Needless to say, I was all but jumping out of my skin thinking about my first Mother’s Day weekend being filled with picnics, long family walks, FroYo & park play dates……IMG_2552

HAHA! Jokes on me!!!!IMG_2529

Saturday we wake up to a freezing cold raining day.  I was not pleased.  You know, sometimes the weather just sucks and that sucky-ness can really bring you down… and down I was.  I think, per my usual overdrive of an imagination my hopes for the weekend were WAY WAY up and this weather brought it crashing down.  Up until this weather hit I had been able to keep control of my emotions about spending my first Mother’s Day without my Mom…. the thing is we have unfortunately had to spend several Mother’s Days apart because of college, but this year it hit me HARD.  I was missing my mom some kind of bad, I mean sometimes I hate these miles between us so much that it hurts.  As my Mr. puts it, it takes me about 3 weeks to get over saying goodbye…. I guess in my grand plan hahahahaha of life, I imagined my first Mother’s Day being spent with my mom too…. so ummmm yay, the miles were felt when I woke up to freezing rain!!!!IMG_2531

HAVE NO FEAR, my MR. was here and ready to save the weekend!!! First we went out to get steaks for him to grill and movies to watch (one good one WAY too long) and then the moment the sun came out we went for a long walk to a local coffee shop….IMG_2559

Okay, it’s finally sunny, we harness up the pugs, bundle Maddy up and head out for a good latte.  We get about a mile into our walk and the first FREEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZING rain drop hits me.  I say, “do you think we should turn around, I don’t want Maddy out in the rain…” Him….”no, there are no clouds, these are probably just fluke rain drops….” Me…OK.IMG_2534

Three blocks later and three blocks from the coffee shop…. the sky got DARK and we have to practically run home to beat the rain. SANS coffee……but that’s okay, because it is times like this that memories are made and my family laughs!!! I bet people driving past were cracking up as they watched us trying to semi-run, dragging two pugs, me in Toms shoes that were preggo sized (HUGE) and Justin leading us all with the stroller…. then we passed another young family who had zipped their baby up in the Dad’s coat, difference is they were carrying coffee 🙂 so yeah, we all make questionable decisions when there is a desire for a good latte!!!IMG_2537

Later that afternoon, Justin asked me a couple of times if I wanted him to go get me a coffee…no, that’s ok I said over and over, then he said “but I know you want a grande cafe latte with skim milk, right?…. ummmm, yeah, I would love one, but it’s fine I just drank a DC. …then he said (which should have been a clue) but if you were to go to Starbucks, that’s what you would get right>

ummm yes.IMG_2540

Well, folks, Sunday morning I woke up to my little smiling nugget and my Mr. holding a Starbucks cup!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!  Justin woke up early, loaded the loud pug, Magnolia in the car and drive to Starbucks to get my latte and came home, wrapped it in a warm dish towel and then took care of Maddy until she was hungry so that I could sleep in.  It was AWESOME.  I would like to wake up to my family holding my Starbucks latte every morning!!!!IMG_2539

He had a plethora of cards, (I get two from him for each holiday) a nice, thoughtful card and a funny (usually inappropriate….) card and then a SWEET card that Maddy picked out for me!!!! He said he held up a dozen cards and this is the one she picked and then immediately started eating WINNER!!!!!  They got me a picnic blanket to use on all our park outings and then we headed out for brunch.IMG_2551

That afternoon, the nugget gave me the honor (it really was) of snuggling with her for two hours while she napped, we watched Argo… and just enjoyed spending the day as a family.

No, the weather was not pleasant, but it turned out not to matter.  We still went walking,still ate FroYo, and still got to play with Maddy….IMG_2536

So my day started out with a latte and it just kept getting better!!!

Happy (late) Mother’s Day to all the Mamas and soon-to-be Mamas out there! I hope you all received your version of a Starbucks latte in bed!!!IMG_5861

& Thanks again to my Mr. for making my first Mother’s Day a very special day full of memories, laughs and most importantly love for me!!!!


PS… sorry for the few blurry pictures… baby on the move is rough on picture quality! HAHA


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