Madison: 7 Months!!!

IMG_5763Here we go again!!! Madison is another month older… and many days…. but here are her 7 month highlights with of course, a little photo shoot!!!IMG_5768

Madison: 7 Months!IMG_5771

BUSY!BUSY!!BUSY!!! BUSY Baby Girl!  IMG_5777

Maddy never stops moving, ever, unless she is sleeping, or eating something really yummy!!!  From the moment she wakes up she is playing.  She literally wakes up and sits up in her crib and starts playing with her BlaBla elephant Josephine (get one now if you too have a little one, she is AWESOME) — she will just sit up, turn on her mobile (girl likes to wake up to music) and starts chatting and playing with Josephine.  Then when I walk in she gives me that big gummy grin and reaches her arms up for me! (my heart melts, every single time)IMG_5784

Then it is game on… we play all day, only taking pause to eat or nap, or go on walks.  We stay busy!!!!!IMG_5733

So Maddy is sitting up all on her own now!!! That is the big 7 month trick!!  She worked and worked at it for a couple of weeks then pop, up she came.  Now we cannot do anything (change her diaper… towel her off…) without her trying to sit up.IMG_5792

She is also planking, and balancing on her knees just inching to take that first crawling step!IMG_5793

She is crazy close, pulling the inch worm crawl every now and then.  I fear I have only days left of a non-crawler left. IMG_5802

Madison still loves the pugs, laughing, getting tickled, the “boo” game and going outside.  She likes going for stroller rides and carrier walks as well as just rolling around in the yard.  IMG_5818

The best is when the pugs are barking at someone on the sidewalk while we are outside, that is just hilarious to the little one! IMG_5824

We are still giving her lots of frozen fruit in the mesh feeder and purees along with more and more “finger” food to get her used to eating more solids.  For the most part she likes everything, it just takes a couple of times feeding her something new for her to commit to liking that food!!!IMG_5841

Going to the park, riding in store buggies, pulling up to standing and army crawling are a few more of her favorite things!!!  Oh, she really enjoys swinging, as long as it is tiny pushes and she can see one of us at all times!!! IMG_5748

As I say each month, it is all going WAY too fast.  Each stage is more exciting than the last and we continue to have a blast playing with our little girl.  We love this little nugget and while I miss her newborn constant snuggles and lap naps, I wouldn’t trade these gummy grins and slobbery kisses for the world!!!!IMG_5754

Happy 7 Months Madison Virginia, we LOVE you!!!!



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