Madison: 6 Months!

IMG_5629Here we are again!  Each month I think I’ll do better at posting my mom stories or other happenings, but then I blink and another month has flown by and I’m getting texts from my dad asking about where Maddy’s monthly pictures are?!  The thing about my dad is I can almost guarantee he will continue to ask about monthly pictures long after I’ve stopped 🙂IMG_5619

Madison 6 MONTHS!!!IMG_5609

Miss Personality!!!! OH BABY! This girl is extremely expressive and passionate about whatever she is doing, or not wanting to be doing!!  Now she will start to fuss if she gets bored and the moment we switch up the activity she is all grins and giggles.IMG_5608

It is really a lot of fun to be her Mama.  IMG_5598This month brought more rolling, belly laughs, sitting up, bouncing (oh my goodness the bouncing!) and even our first night out and Maddy’s first night with a team of baby sitters!IMG_5596

She is now 16lbs and 13oz and 26.25 inches long and perfectly roly poly healthy!  Our Dr. said Maddy is right on track to being the cutest 6 month old she’s ever seen! I think (know because she says it all the time) that she is totally jealous of Maddy’s hair bows and outfits as she is the mom of three boys!!!She also prepped us for summer by saying let Maddy eat dirt and sand because eventually she will learn they are not food groups. OKAY DOKAY!IMG_5593

As for our little nugget she has become obsessed with frozen strawberries and peaches!  We use this little mesh feeder tool and stuff it full of frozen fruit and she goes to town.  We have also started giving her bits and pieces of other things we are eating like cucumbers and apples to get her used to eating solid foods.  We give her a large piece and she sucks on it then bangs it on the table, it is a fun game!IMG_5587

Every day I am reminded how lucky I am to be staying home and spending all of this quality time with my little love and getting to experience all of her firsts with her!  I just melt when I see that gummy grin in the morning after a long night of sleep and she kicks those feet all excited to see her Mama!!! The feeling is beyond mutual!!!IMG_5583

Happy 1/2 Birthday Madison Virginia!!!!!IMG_5561


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