so, I made chocolate pudding. . .

IMG_5243This week was a week…. 

Monday, I woke up and was feeling good, not stuffy for the first time in a week and the little Miss woke up feeling the same.  I checked on my new addiction ( to see if there were any events that we could attend & luckily there was one! YAY!  We met up with another Mama at a local ice rink to walk the track and chat for an hour or so….. seemingly innocent right?! Wrong.  We had the babies bundled up and strapped into our jogging stroller (swoon, thanks MiMi) and we were off.  Our plan was simple, walk and talk… then a lady flagged us down. IMG_5205

We walked over to this lady, easily in her 70’s who started to lecture us about all the reasons we were, and I quote, “AWFUL MOTHERS” because we had our babies in a bacteria infested environment. AWESOME. (#$#@#$&#($*@(#$  Shocked, and totally taken back, we started walking again, this time with serious speed (we ran a mile?!) So our walk and talk turned into a run and rant. IMG_5224

Tuesday, I woke up after getting up FIVE times throughout the night to feed our baby who re-discovered her appetite in an intense way to find our dog apparently forgot that they only use the bathroom outside and ate an entire cow the day before because I had little gifts (piles of @#$#@) in four different spots between our living room and kitchen. AWESOME. IMG_5219

GAG! BARF! GAG! So, Tuesday I mopped, scrubbed, dusted, vacuumed, etc… until the house was clean again— all the while entertaining the nugget. The pugs lived in the basement on Tuesday… (it’s finished, they are fine)IMG_5229

Wednesdays I meet with a professor at a Starbucks to talk about business education strategies and methods and I always take Maddy with me.  She usually sits in her car seat and talks to her self or us and she gets a outing and I don’t have to have another class at night….This Wednesday it was -5* windchill…. I pulled up to the Starbucks and there were zero parking spots… I had to park a good five-minute walk down the street and I didn’t have the stroller… AWESOME. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Luckily, Maddy was bundled up and I had good blankets to cover her car seat during the walk. IMG_5196

Thursday, the Mr. woke up to a flat tire on our car, resulting in the realization that we would need to buy four new tires…AWESOME. IMG_5218

Friday, I threw-up while changing Maddy’s diaper.  I instantly decided that maybe I could just nurse her until she is old enough to be potty trained.  Because, real food poop is GROSS.  I MEAN, GAG! OMGOSH, the smell, the texture, the everything when it was shooting up her backside through her clothes because girl waited three days to poop! AHHHHHHHHHH! It was horrible. I can not even, ugh. gross. Now, I have to get amped up to go change a poop diaper because it has to be done FAST. IMG_5200

So, this week I made low-fat chocolate pudding, and ate all four servings. Because it was either that or I went and bought another bag of dove coconut chocolate bites (to die for) and I would have eaten every last one. IMG_5199

So this week I made chocolate pudding…..and snuggled the nugget….so overall, good week 🙂

IMG_5237This weekend I will have to re-wash the load of clothes that I have re-washed everyday since Sunday, then wash the other 15 loads of laundry in our basement… and I will most likely eat cookies…because cookies make laundry piles do-able. 


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