Madison: 5 MONTHS!!!!



Madison 5 Months!!!

Really you're trying these again....

Really you’re trying these again….

Better late than never right!!! Madison is five months old?!?! WHAT!!! When did that happen rhetorical… obviously I know the date 🙂 ***  But seriously y’all, Maddy is growing up so incredibly fast!!!  We are constantly noticing more “things” she can do, she is almost sitting up by herself, she is rolling to get to things (yikes mobility!), she has mastered the art of the belly laugh, and reaching for things -pish, no big deal!

I'm over this!

I’m over this!

The other day I was at the mall and this lady stopped me and said, “girl, that baby came straight outta you!” I was a little taken back, one… because that was the most random statement ever, but I just said, yep… that’s pretty much how it happened! HAHA!!! Really, so many people stop and tell me that Maddy is a little mini-me 🙂 and I LOVE it!!!IMG_5166

The more I get to know her and the more her personality develops the more I am starting to see her daddy!!! DETERMINATION! That should be her middle name, if she decides she wants to get something or master a new technique then she is not going to stop until she gets it done….or more likely gets it to her mouth!!!IMG_5189

She loves her rice cereal and recently a peach/apple oatmeal, but don’t even try to feed this girl any other food! We are slowly working in new foods and the key has been to make a soup out of anything steamed! Five months also brought us her first cold, but that will be a separate post!IMG_5176

Overall, I have to say my favorite new habit is her hugs and sloppy kisses!!! She will wrap her arms around my neck and nuzzle in close when I pick her up!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!  Five months has brought us lots of smiles and laughter and we can’t wait to see what month six brings… but seriously, can time slow down!!!IMG_5144

Happy Five Months Madison Virginia! We love you!!!!



  1. Dan Gallagher says:

    She is so cute! I miss these days, lol, my oldest is 3 and my youngest is 1 1/2. Such a blessing, but you are right….it seriously seems like yesterday that both my kids were this little 🙂

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