Mama …. I mean baby play dates

IMG_4836About a month ago at our book club get-together a friend of mine told me about how her sister met her mama friends on… like online friendship finding for new mamas?!  Ok… the last time I joined a group on meet-up it was for Betty Lou to make pug friends… it was in a word, AWESOME.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of this for meeting new moms in my area.IMG_4837

Let’s face it right now my day-to-day is great, pretty much fantastic, but I realized I was really missing girl time.  Seeing as for the next couple months at least (Mrs. S!!!) I am the only mom in our group of friends and that makes getting together challenging because I have my little mini-me with me or I am limited to when the Mr. can watch her…. tricky tricky.  Sidenote: when I do get together with friends I find I am at a loss for words not related to Maddy, so ummmmmm…. I needed to be re-socialized!IMG_4838

So I went on meet-up and searched for young stay at home moms in the Milwaukee area… and I hit gold!  I found two mom groups in my area and instantly requested to be a part of their group, then stalked the website for two days while I waited for approval! PLEASE LET ME IN!!!  I was accepted YES! Then invited to a mama & baby (0-12mths) play date at the home of one little 5 month cutie! I sent in my RSVP without even thinking twice , then panicked!IMG_4819

What if they are all hippy moms who use cloth diapers and I’m all do you have a trash can for my disposable, earth ruining poops holder?! NOPE

What if all the sudden they are whipping out their personal bottles (read boobs) to feed their kids?!  OMG I am 12 years old and would die, even though I nurse my own baby (in private)!!! NOPE

What if they are all like a size 0 and shed their baby weight the moment they walked out of the hospital?! NOPE

What if, what if, what if, what if…. the list went on.  I’m telling y’all when the majority of my day is spent talking with a 5 month (what she’s how old!?!?!) the irrational concerns come flooding in… needless to say I clearly worried about this for like two days, but decided I am a big girl and I could do this… so we went.b6bccf9e4548e199632afe070c7af0e9

And we will never stop going!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!  First of all this woman’s home decorating is impeccable, I’m saying her house was straight out of Restoration Hardware and I drooled…. but the women are all in their 20’s, married, new to the Milwaukee area as of the last 3 years and we are pretty much all here because of our husband’s schooling!!!  I’m not kidding it was as if I walked into a room of mirrored lives!!

on our way to our first playdate!

on our way to our first playdate!

We spent two hours visiting as if we’ve known each other for ever, talking about our husbands, our lives and oh yah… all about our BABIES!!!!!  We shared our embarrassing moments, parenting mishaps, birthing stories (funny) and any thing else we could think of.  We shared tips, suggestions and most of all we all felt like we were able to be ourselves, relaxed and be moms!c0c57e6434901c7c54e38ee1d2b72da3

And the babies… the babies loved it!  I know how that may sound, but they rolled, grunted, laughed, poked etc.. at each other and really seemed to understand that these other little nuggets were just like them!

Maddy's new BF :)

Maddy’s new BF 🙂

We met again yesterday at another house and Maddy couldn’t hardly wait to get on the floor and play with her little friends.  Girl talked, played and interacted with the other babies for two hours straight only stopping for a quick meal (bottle) and then she got right back into the ring!!!  We walked out of her house and Maddy fell asleep on the walk to the car and slept for 3.5 hours when we got home!

I HEART play dates!!!!

He's 7 months... robbing the cradle :)

He’s 7 months… robbing the cradle 🙂

So….if you are reading this and you need new mama friends… go to — Thursday I’m taking Maddy to storytime then we are having coffee with some other mamas!

Coffee & babies…le sigh, my life  🙂


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