Madison: 4 Months!!!

IMG_4884My oh MY!  Our baby girl is growing up fast and she really hit her stride this month!

IMG_4920Four months has brought us a very engaging baby.  Madison greets us with big smiles and loves to laugh when we blow her belly kisses or make funny faces.  She is really a very happy baby who loves to play and LOVES to roll over!!!  Yes, it’s official our little miss can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy… which not to brag…(bragging) our Dr. said that was extremely advanced for her age.  What can I say super mama here 🙂 IMG_4928HAHA!!  We had her four month Dr.’s appointment a couple of weeks ago and she is now 25 inches long and 14lbs 5.5oz… growing steady.  She is in the 50% for weight and 75% for height…. again, we get told these stats but really all I care about is she’s healthy!  The biggest change in month four is her ability to really bounce in her bouncer and grab at toys.  For example, we took her out to dinner with us last night and she immediately reached for my water-glass —- resulting in a spilled glass of water… then she was reaching for my spoon, napkins, sandwich… etc… girl was on a mission to grab things and then bring them to her mouth.  It is really amazing to see how much she grows every single day.

IMG_4953We started her on rice cereal last week and SHOCKING she loves it!!!  It is pretty fun to watch her think through eating and really commit to grabbing the spoon and bringing it to her mouth.  I keep thinking slow down, this is all happening too fast, then she does something else and I think what a great age!!! IMG_4876 For now, I keep snuggling up with Maddy and stealing all her sugar (kisses, wet soberly kisses) and just enjoy all her month 4 experiences!!!

Here is another little video montage of her 4 month pictures…WARNING there are like 100 pictures, this is just the easiest way for me to show Grammy and Pappy these pictures!!!  


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