Needed: 2 car garage

A quote from my Mr. (get ready to feel the love)

“I am going to get you a two car garage for just your vehicle.”

hmmmm…. this statement did not come about from me whining about getting in and out of the SUV with Maddy, groceries and our kitchen sink… or whatever else I may be carrying read:Starbucks Latte… No Sir… he made this statement out of pure frustration as I explained to him how I may have bumped the passenger side mirror off our explorer earlier yesterday morning. My B*A*D….

Now, for the average husband, this would be one of those *@#*$&#($ moments that comes and goes… not in our household.  In our household this is met with a look of pure confusion and I’m pretty sure I saw a little twinkle of fond remembrance to our high school days. 5e7a973f5bfaafe7660a70c2a2d3653b

Let me take you back to the route of his indignation.  It was between 2000-2004… the location my parents garage… the players… Me and my mom… she was letting be back out of the garage on our way somewhere. I was just learning to drive and CLEARLY I was a pro, so she was letting me back out.  Note: my dad NEVER let me back out (perhaps he was foreshadowing this experience)

Me: Am I good (going 2 miles an hour)

Mom: yes….

Mirror: crash, shatter…. bang….

Both of us: what was that….

Mirror… on the ground. Awesome.

That was the day Mirror #1 from the suburban died. 5d725800f295ba3e830d954f19188547

Fast forward to the following winter.  My brother and I were driving into the mall and he pulled into the 5th Ave parking garage a little too tight and I’ll say it…FAST.  BANG. He hits the driver’s side mirror on the ticket booth. OF COURSE, nothing happens.  We basically agree to keep this a secret


We drive home, the mirror stays on no problems.  We keep our mouths closed.  A few weeks later I am backing out again and the mirror just falls off. AWESOME.  I am blamed for mirror #2’s death.  I’m pretty sure the truth didn’t come out for like four more years… but when it did I did not receive the vindication I had been waiting for… typical. 8958304bb180431268e74baf4c8c71b5

Fast forward to yesterday.  I had just installed a mirror on our back seat so that I can see Maddy from my rearview mirror when driving and I was maybe looking at her and talking about our day when BANG!

hmmmm…. I wonder what that was (checking my mirrors)… double take. Mirror missing. ($@#&($)&#($&@

So, as I am explaining to the Mr. about what happened I kept telling him how the actual mirror didn’t break (BONUS) — I thought, hey! Maybe I am getting better at breaking off mirrors… nope, turns out it doesn’t matter if the actual glass breaks or not, the expensive part I shattered. so ummmm yeah. My bad. 2afc4caae9e4a92bdcfbcc9de224b5cd

I am looking forward to my 2-car garage, mostly so that I don’t have to maneuver my way out with a baby in one hand and latte in the other… but a plus would be not breaking any more mirrors off….although, let’s be real I’ve got some mad mirror breaking skillz…


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