What my baby only weighed 7lbs?!?!

IMG_4602Let me start by saying I almost put toothpaste on Madison’s face this morning… yep. My bad!  I was putting on her lotion when I ran into the bathroom to grab her face lotion which just happens to come in a tube just like toothpaste so TOTALLY easy mistake to make!  HAHA!! I’m just grateful that I noticed the new refreshing minty scent of the “lotion” before slathering it all over her face.  My bad.

Mama get it together!

Mama get it together!


4 days before I gave birth… HUGE!

January through…. April I pretty steadily lost weight during my pregnancy due to excessive throwing up every time I tried to eat… anything. . . then it all just stopped! AND BOY WAS I HUNGRY!!! NOMNOMNOM FEED ME!!!!  I started being able to eat and enjoy food again which was very exciting so I ate like I was eating for like one plus a little more.  I was still working out and eating healthy, but I wouldn’t turn down a cupcake if offered one (or half a dozen from Sprinkles….) SO GOOD!  But I was more just growing a bump and not a huge belly.  Then came August.

At my last appointment in July I had only (relative) gained about 27lbs total. I was pretty proud of this because I wasn’t getting overly huge but I was gaining weight at a rate that my Dr. was pleased with… then came August (yes, August deserves two introductions)22166223135492509_9NCd6Sz4_c

Let’s just say I did work from August through Madison’s birth on October 4th. The total number of pounds needs not to be discussed…. (WAY MORE THAN 27) but to say I was blown away at the fact that Maddy was only 7 lbs was an understatement!  I was HUGE!  I expected to have a least a 30 pounder in me! I was picturing giving birth and losing like 20 lbs instantly then like another 20 or so over the next couple of days! I mean that is what happens on TV!!!!77476056059830128_Sio9yuJE_c

THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS! I am pretty sure I lost like 8 lbs total at the hospital, 7.7 being Maddy. DISAPPOINTMENT!134545107587343303_h4q86key_c

So yeah, new year, new much larger body than ever before…. and shockingly NEW DIET.  This time at least since the Mr. enjoyed eating dessert every night since pregnancy allowed with me… for moral support WE are doing this “lifestyle change” together.

131308145356455507_1zynjPZN_cLet me tell you about this “lifestyle change” …. it should be called eat nothing tasty and still not lose weight.  We are doing the 17 day diet and Insanity workout.  The diet is pretty much lean proteins and veggies…. add in carbs for milk production reasons and NO SUGAR!  NO SUGAR! OMGOSH, that is the worst.  Seriously, we ate three huge tubs of scoop and bake chocolate chip cookies in two months that’s like 400 cookies… now, we are not allowed to eat cookies?!108156828521760096_zZkac0bA_c


But alas, we are slowing getting used to snacking on carrots instead of cookies and dessert, plain, non-fat yogurt. YUM. (that is what I am supposed to feel, instead I just feel anger) ANGER because after like 14 days of eating like a rabbit and working out like Susan Summers in 1984 I have not lost a pound.  I told the Mr. if I gain weight on this diet I will go back to burritos and cookies.  He is scared. IMG_4608

So yeah, we are doing the healthy thing around here…… I will get back into my pre-preggo non-fat jeans clothes… weight wise I was half-way there…. then we went to Louisiana for Christmas and I ate like we were expecting baby number 2 (not even close) and yeah…. now I am a little less than half way there… so pass the carrots and tilapia this Mama needs to lose some rolls!

Book club snacks!

Book club snacks!

PS— I think we should start a revolution that makes rolls on Mama’s just as cute as they are on our little babies… because, that would be awesome! 60728294945761061_8HCaPauO_c


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