Whoa there Bessie!

WARNING… this post is all about buying a breast pump and the hilarity that is my Mr…IMG_4216

At our two month appointment we discussed the idea of starting to introduce Maddy to a bottle.  I am still nursing and I want to continue, but I would like to give the boobs a break every now and then.  This girl is a little chunker who LOVES to eat, therefore I spend a ton of time alone up in her nursery feeding her anytime we have friends over.  Also, this would make outings a lot less stressful knowing that I could simply feed her in public.IMG_4337

YES! I know some people nurse their babies in public with a blanket over themselves, but that is not me! I can barely change in a locker room let alone let one out for Maddy right there at the Olive Garden!


I did a little research and decided on a pump that had really good reviews and was in our price range of expensive but not absurd and off to Target we headed! On the drive there Justin asked me if I had my wallet, yes?!  But don’t you I said, since I know he did seeing as he paid for our dinner not 10 minutes ago… he said, well you have to check out with the pump.IMG_4442

UMMMM ok… why?  He went on to explain that if he was to check out with the pump who knows what people would think he was using it for?!?!?!  (Clearly, his wife and baby who are with him would not be enough of an explanation)— INSERT me staring at him like the weirdo he is…IMG_4446

He continues: well, there are all sorts of weirdos out there who knows what they would use one of these for.  He is totally serious at this point, while I am at a loss for words.  Me— what would people use a breast pump for other than pumping milk out of a breast?!

Him- I am sure lots, I’m just saying you are checking out.  OKAY>IMG_4453

Five minutes later we are at Target and walking down the pump aisle. I am reading the back of the boxes when I hear a faint mooing sound in the background.  Since we were in the baby section, my first (WRONG) assumption was that it was a toy cow making this sound…. NOPE.  That sound would be coming from my husband when I would hold up a pump he would start mooing.  YEP, MOOING.IMG_4472

Good thing I don’t take him too seriously!

WOW. The best part other than him mooing at me, was that the aisle was not empty and some poor pregnant women just looked at us like we were the crazies!  I was like, umm, don’t mind him (while laughing) she tries to awkwardly keep a straight face, but I am pretty sure she couldn’t wait to get away from us to start laughing.

Yep, just call me Bessie! Moooooooooooooooooooooooo.  

Now that I have been using this for about a month when I get it out I can tell he is holding back the cow sounds, now he just mimics the sound of the pump. so, so much better.IMG_4478

SIDENOTE: the first time we gave Maddy a bottle she laughed and laughed and just looked at Justin like how are you doing this.  She couldn’t stop giggling long enough to drink…  The next day we tried again and girl loved it! Now she grabs on like it’s the best thing ever when I pull out a bottle to feed her 🙂 I am extremely happy with being able to do this it gives me a little freedom to head down to Starbucks for some girl chatting without worrying about having to leave mid conversation! IMG_4483



  1. Peggy Jensen says:

    Hello to Madison, Alyson and Justin, I love the beautiful pictures of Madison!!! She is soooo cute!!! I love her smiling personality!!! 🙂

    Sounds like you hit a gold mine with the “breast pump.” I am so happy for you… You and Justin are so hilarious…when making such a modest purchase!!!

    We all are enjoying having Stephanie and Chris here…I’m loving every second!!! The fun visit ends on Sunday…they are heading to beautiful Monterey, California. We’ll give Chris a couple months before taking him up on his offer, “y’all are welcome to come visit any time.” I think spring break will be the perfect time! 🙂 I’m just so thankful they are living back in the good ‘ole U.S.A.

    Are y’all staying warm and cozy during this winter temps??? We love you all very much. Blessings, Aunt Peggy.

    Sent from my iPad

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