Madison: 3 Months!!!

IMG_4243Here we are again, WAY too soon! I know I have been lax about blogging, but as a part of my New Year’s goals I will be better!!!IMG_4248

However, I do not miss an opportunity to have a photo shoot with my mini-model!!!! Today I put Maddy back in her birthday  tutu and we went to work!!! Enjoy 🙂IMG_4261

3 Months!

IMG_4268WOW! Things are changing around our house and they are getting fun!!! Maddy is officially laughing! YAY!!!!  She has a deep from the gut giggle and it is pretty much the best sounding laugh I have ever heard!!  The best is that she throws her head back and really lets it out when she finds something funny.  Usually that funny something is me, I am starting to get a complex 🙂IMG_4279

This month brought about a new gross first…. in the matter of thirty minutes this was the sequence of events, cough,cough, welcome to motherhood!  I was nursing her in my lap and she went to the bathroom #1 and apparently the diaper wasn’t on very good so I was soaked…. still nursing her (yes, I nursed through the soaking, girl didn’t get these rolls from interrupted meals) then she let loose with an explosive #2, which went directly on me, (gag) then when she was done I was walking upstairs with her to start a bath and she throw up all over me… IMG_4291


She is getting more expressive by the minute and we are having a lot of fun getting to know her personality. Physically, she is getting much stronger.  Our little strong neck can almost fully support her neck and loves looking all around.  She no longer wants to be held against our chest looking at us, unless it’s time to cuddle, but she likes to look out and be held so that she can see the room. She is getting ready to sit up.  She will roll herself forward and tries but she’s just not ready yet.  She is however, LOVING her bumbo seat!!IMG_4313

She grabs every toy, piece of clothing, hair, necklaces etc… and pulls them into her mouth.  It is so fun watching her experience new things. IMG_4318

Tomorrow I will get our Christmas decorations down, our house put back together and Sunday the new year officially starts in our house!!!  Time to kick things into high gear!!!IMG_4321

Happy 3 month birthday Madison Virginia, we LOVE you!!!IMG_4325


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