Madison: TWO months!!!

IMG_3955Oh MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!! How can it be that our baby girl is already two months old!?!?!?!  Time is going by so fast, I’m pretty sure I blink and this girl has gained another chin or roll 🙂  She is one roly poly,  and I LOVE it!!!!IMG_3960

We went to the Doctor yesterday and it was AWFUL, the appointment went great and everything is perfect on Maddy… but then she had to get shots… and that was horrible.  Now before everyone tells me how important they are and how it is all for her health… I know this, which is why we didn’t even hesitate to get her shots. BUT they hurt her and I HATE that!!!!!!  I am pretty sure that I was ready to cry more than her.  Luckily, Justin came with me (I told him he would be attending this appointment!) so he held her fingers and talked to her during the shots then I held her afterwords.  She took them like a champ, she cried for about 10 minutes then calmed right down and pretty much slept the rest of the day.  PHEW!IMG_3928

She is now 11pounds 10 ounces and is 23 inches long! Justin likes to say she is weighing in at… (he thinks she’ll be a boxer with her punching hand movements!!IMG_3934

A few new things from the past month…

IMG_3932Girl found her voice!!!  Maddy now lets us know she is here and has things to say 🙂  Not only does she talk and grunt all the time (especially when she is sleeping) she likes to scream late at night.  It is really funny about an hour before she goes to sleep she lets out little screams like, “hey, stop trying to put me down, I want to play!”  She is a night owl… which is so not me!!!  I would like to go to sleep  around 9 and get up around 7… this girl would like to go to bed around 11 and get up around 10!IMG_3918

SOCIAL SMILES!!!!  She has the best smile.  It is hilarious what we will do to get her to smile at us!!  The first of the month it was pretty random when she would flash that big gummy grin, but now when we pick her up or when she is playing she’ll give us a big grin! It is really the best feeling seeing her smile at us on purpose!!!IMG_3907

Little Strong Neck! I know how this is going to sound… but this is our Indian name for her!  I find myself calling her that all the time because when you pick her up she leans back on her own and looks all around. It is such an improvement from the wobbly neck we brought home, she’s getting so strong!!!  We joke that this will stick as her nickname and at her high school graduation we’ll be yelling out yay strong neck! HAHA!!IMG_3909

Punching!  She punches out at all of her hanging toys during mat time.  She will look real hard at something then pop, she reaches out and gets it!IMG_3932

I am sure there have been lots more firsts, but really it has just been another exciting month of new expressions, grunts, giggles and snuggles! We are looking forward to many more firsts in the next month to come!!IMG_3684

Hope you enjoyed our two month fun pictures!!! Look at how much she has grown!!!!



  1. Ken Dedeker says:

    Oh my! She is changing so fast. I love learning about all of her lasted tricks. The smile is so cute. So glad you are sharing her with us all. Thank you. Hugs to all, Gigi.

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