30 Reason to be Thankful: part 2

images-1I have been thinking about this list for a while and it is apparent to me that I need to really think about all I am thankful for more often.  It is a nice reality check when I start thinking about all we can’t do, or don’t have to look around and realize how our life is extremely blessed. Just watch a St. Jude’s commercial and try not to feel thankful for the healthy babies in your life, I know we are!!!

images-3Part 2:

16: I am grateful for a husband who doesn’t complain about listening to Christmas music with me every time I play music for a solid month.  He won’t admit it, but he could probably sing the entire N*Sync Christmas CD… of course he’s been listening to it every year since we were in high school!!!

17: I am grateful for a house with a working heater!!  My parents are dealing with replacing their heating system and luckily they have a wood stove to keep the house warm, but without our heater we would just be cold!!!

18: I am grateful for Apple… this is strange I know, but I am so happy we are able to keep in touch with family through facetime. It really lessens the distance between us when we can talk face to face.

19: I am so grateful that I have been able to stay home with our little girl.  It is such a huge relief to know I will be the person raising our daughter and getting to be there for all her new expressions, giggles and movements is pretty special!!!

20: I am GRATEFUL for eggnog lattes… yep, obsessed.

21: I am grateful for Christmas traditions and starting new ones with Madison.images-4

22: I am grateful that my in-laws celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and my family celebrates on Christmas Day, this means that we are able to spend quality time with both sides without splitting our time on one day!!!

23: I am grateful we are going to Louisiana to spend Christmas with my brother and sister in-law and of course my niece Boo 🙂  We can’t wait to see their house, meet their friends and of course eat some good food!!!

24: I am grateful for Maddy’s Monkey! Thanks to Tara and Katie!!! Maddy loves it and it gives me the freedom to get ready, clean house or just pet the pugs while keeping her happy!!

25: I am grateful for Hallmark!  I love that this time of year I am only watching Christmas movies, full of family themes, happy endings and Christmas magic!

26: I am grateful for my camera.  We got it for Christmas last year and now that Maddy is in the picture I love being able to document her growing up with such quality pictures!!

27: I am grateful for school breaks!  Justin and I were able to spend five days together last week and it was so nice sharing the Maddy load, eating meals together and going for long walks with the pugs.

28: I am grateful for baby milestones!! I love reading about what to expect each week from Maddy then seeing her do those things! Like grabbing for toys, smiling at me, and building her strong neck!

29: I am grateful for our baby monitor!  It gives us such a clear picture of Madison at night so I can just look in on her from our bed without having to get up and go into the nursery.  This girl talks all night long so I would be making a lot of late night walks to see her sleep talking!

30: I am grateful for a baby that sleeps!!!  It is so rare that she sleeps less than five hours in a stretch at night that when she does I am exhausted! Right now it is 5-6 hours, eat 30 mins, then 3-4 more hours… I don’t know how parents do it when their kids don’t sleep at night!!!images-2

Bonus:  I am grateful that the Mr. and I are starting a workout plan together! I need that extra support (literally and figuratively) to lose this baby weight and get into shape!!!


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