Our little turkey!

I posted last Thanksgiving about my love for the holiday and all our traditions, bloopers and beyond that make Thanksgiving Day one to remember year after year.  This year I woke up excited to share this holiday with our daughter for the first time.  I envisioned waking up, drinking pumpkin spice coffee while we played with Maddy and the Macy’s parade would be on in the background.  

We would FaceTime with Grammy & Pappy (my parents) and just enjoy our morning as a family… then later I would cook…. well, this Thanksgiving definitely welcomed us into the holidays as parents!!!

We both woke up early with Madison and sat down to enjoy our coffee while she took a little nap.  The weather was AH-MAZING at like 60 degrees so we loaded up the pugs and baby and headed out to the reserve to go for a long walk.  

We walked and talked about Thanksgiving and holiday traditions, where we may end up (Louisiana was winning with their 75* vs Alaska at -1*) and Maddy slept the entire walk.

With the pugs tired, and me a sweaty mess from carrying her we headed back home.  Watching the parade and just relaxing I didn’t feel the need to cook early because I was only making a couple of dishes and we were having such a good time… then it all started….

As soon as I started to prep Maddy decided she was STARVING, so I went to feed her while Justin prepped, I would come back and do the next step and she would need to eat again, or would spit up a little.  

We both were making ruts in the floor between the living room and the kitchen…  Girl could not make up her mind as to what she wanted!!!

Everything was in the oven, deviled eggs made and green beans were cooking on the stove.  I headed upstairs to start getting ready.  I am not kidding you I get my curling iron plugged in and curl one strand of hair when I hear Justin say, WOW that is impressive.  Then OH MY GOSH MADDY!!! So I run down stairs and he is picking her up and handing her to me!

She spit up all over her monkey, her clothes, her hair, her face was practically white!  He said it was pouring out of her nose at one point… so much for getting ready! To the bath we go!!! I run the bath and get Maddy in while Justin runs down to get the monkey into the wash since it needed to come to dinner with us (the monkey is her bouncer seat)-  I get her washed and go to put her in the towel to dry off … moments before putting the diaper on her… and ….

you guessed it she poops! Back in the tub to wash her off and back to the next clean towel! I QUICKLY got the diaper on and started the lotioning up process and got her into another plain onesie… (I was not tempting her with the turkey outfit yet!)

Good thing because two more outfits later, she was out of spit up and we were finally able to get dressed ourselves!!!!!  Oh did I mention in the process of cleaning up the milk baby… the green beans cooked out all the water and BURNED the entire bottom layer.  AWESOME!

The thing about Maddy is that no matter how much she spits up she is still happy!  We all got ready and loaded up the car and out we headed to the Alper’s for a fabulous Thanksgiving feast!

Maddy slept the entire time we ate, then was a happy playful baby pretty much the whole evening!  The food was wonderful, the company even better and the baby handled her first extended trip away from the house like a pro.

Not even one major spit up, pretty much blew us away after such a hectic afternoon!!!

Lesson learned…. cook while the baby naps or suffer the burned consequences!!!

As our lovely Aunt texted us earlier that morning, we have so much to be thankful for this year,  the best thing in our lives happened 7 weeks ago!!!


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