Madison: One Month!!!

Holy Moly our baby girl is a month old!

We learn something new every single day about Maddy, she is now starting what our doctor calls social smiles!!! To me that means she is actually smiling on purpose… not just as a result of her expression track she runs through every hour.  This girl has some expressions!!!!  

When she was born she was 7 lbs 7 oz and 19.5 inches long, at her one month appointment she weighed in at 9lbs 14.5oz and was 21.5inches long!  Maddy LOVES to eat!!!  Our Dr. is hilarious and tells Maddy that she likes seeing all her new rolls and chins at each appointment, I tell Maddy if your anything like your mom, this will be your norm for life! Us Boyd’s have some cheeks and chins 🙂

Maddy is still a happy baby.  She really only fusses when she is hungry or uncomfortable, then last night she threw us a curve ball and would not go to sleep.  She was so tired her eyes were super heavy, but she would not give in… it was funny and frustrating all at the same time!

A few things I have learned about myself as a momma since meeting this little lady.

One: I cannot handle her crying!  I hope I am not alone with this feeling as a new mom!!! It  kills me when she is crying and it’s not just because we are changing her…. I think it bothers me so much because usually I have what she needs (cuddles…milk… etc…)  This is a challenge because I have a hard time letting someone else try to soothe her!  I figure we are both a work in progress…

Two: If I put out the effort to get dressed (beyond yoga pants) then it is guaranteed that Maddy will spit up on me at least three times through out the day causing both of us to change our clothes…and me to do a million loads of laundry.

Three: I actually think my child is the most perfect baby ever born and thus I take approximately 400 pictures of her a day.  Friends who request more posts of Facebook should be warned there will be no end of pictures if I open up that can of worms! I KNOW I am not the only new mom with this opinion! 🙂

There are probably a million more things I have learned, but for now I hope you enjoyed a few pictures from Maddy’s one month photo shoot 🙂



  1. Peggy Jensen says:

    Happy “one month” Birthday to you Madison! Your photo shoot turned out absolutely too cute!!!
    You are so precious and very beautiful!!! 🙂
    We love you bunches…hugs and kisses! Your great uncle Bob and aunt Peggy.

  2. Ken Dedeker says:

    Love the pictures. We can handle all the pictures you desire to post. You are a good Mom and a normal Mom. Thank you for sharing. Gigi

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