Happy Birthday Madison (Part 2)

Wow! The comments from yesterday’s post and all the texts I received were so sweet.  I am glad y’all like to read about our baby girl’s arrival as much as I like to write about it.  I figure in too short of time this won’t be so fresh in my memory so I wanted to have a record (she will probably be embarrassed about this one day… if blogs even still exist by then)

Okay… part two 🙂 It’s long… and it’s a day late…. but instead of posting I danced around to Kenny Chesney with Maddy, so total win for me 🙂

We left the house and I swear Justin took the Oregon Trail to get us to the hospital.  For a frame of reference for those of you who don’t know where I live the hospital is literally less than four miles from our house, and four miles is a huge stretch.  Also, the full route is paved because well, we aren’t in Alaska or rural any where… so to recap, short drive, smooth roads … on a normal day.

However, I am not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but contractions hurt like *cough*cough* I’ll stick with REAL BAD.  So we load up the car and head out on the Oregon Trail because this was the bumpiest ride I have EVER been on.  I could have sworn Justin was choosing this moment to take our new (to us) SUV off-road.  I think this is the one part of the experience that I lost my temper with him.  Things like WATCH THE BUMP, do you see that rock?  LINE, YELLOW line, it’s like a wake… AVOID it.  He just kept on keeping on, and would slightly swerve.  By this time I was averaging one every three minutes and YIKES, they were rough.

Side note: a few days after we had Maddy, Justin told me I was yelling at him to avoid flat pavement in the parking garage… I am sure at this point he was SCARED of what was to come.

We drove around the parking lot and could not find the emergency room entrance, which is where we were supposed to enter so that I didn’t have to walk the seven miles from the parking garage to labor and delivery.  We delivered at Children’s Hospital and it is HUGE.  Well, after a couple of attempts to find the emergency room (test run might have been helpful here…) I said I am sure super politely that we should just park in the garage and walk it.  I can’t drive around on this gravel any more (still on pavement.)

We parked and headed in, to me this may have been the longest walk of my life.  I would walk REALLY REALLY fast for about 2.5 minutes then I would pause and ride out the contraction with total grace, because yeah, in public, I am not making a scene as a beached whale moaning… not going to happen.  I would also like to point out, I went in with my hair and make up done fresh out of the shower, so yes, vanity was still an issue at this point.

Then we saw it, the most beautiful sight in the world, the labor and delivery sign, from that point on I knew we were minutes away from sitting down! YAY!  Then it hit me like a TON of bricks.  ANXIETY.

Betty Lou checking things out… future baby sitter? 🙂

All the sudden I felt panicked that I was going to be turned away.  What if they made me go home?!  I can’t. I won’t.  They will have to drag my two ton body out of that hospital and you better believe I will be screaming profanity if they try, all the while sobbing. So needless to say, by the time they got me checked into the trauma holding room and got me hooked up, my blood pressure was through the roof.  The nurse in that room was really sweet, but she didn’t like me showing pain, she was totally judging how I was riding out the contractions – don’t close your eyes, don’t frown (WHAT), don’t tense up (you don’t tense up), breathe like you learned in class (you *&(@#$&@#*$& breathe) yes…. I was a very happy person at this point.  But I’ll give it to her, she gave me some very distracting pointers that did get me through the next hour much better than I came in. so, maybe she knew what she was saying…..

The resident came in to check to see if I was dilated and make sure this was REAL labor… vs. false labor?!  Anyways, by this point, I was already sweaty, sticky, and a nervous wreck, another word for how I looked would not be pretty .  In fact right before the resident walked in Justin told me I had makeup running under my eyes… (yep, that’s my husband) – So back to this resident, I feel I need to write this part, because she coming towards the middle of her 12 hour shift, looked like a freaking Miss America contestant – “Hi, I’m Dr. Beautiful and I just want to check to see if you are dilated, how are you doing? Medical questions… what are you naming her…. blah, blah, I’m perfect and gorgeous and about to check you…

AWESOME.  We will come back to her later.  The thing is I loved her as a Dr. I just would have rather her been like my Dr. of the spa… not OB. yeah, moving on. She asks what I was on Monday 0cm dilated… on the verge of tears now, and she looks up and says, well, you certainly are not at 0 any more.  You are 4 and we need to get you set up in a delivery room.  WHOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  Now I was really ready to cry and then she said so sweetly, let’s go have a birthday party!!!

Shoot, I wanted to hate her.

The nurse takes us back to our delivery room and gets me all hooked on the monitor and has us sign a bunch of paper work.  Justin was able to go grab our bags (I wouldn’t let him bring them in with us, too afraid to jinx us) and the anesthesiologist resident came in and he started going over all the risks with us of having the epidural.

My only birth plan was to get the epidural as soon as possible.  After that I was game for anything the Dr. wanted to do…

As he is going over all the risks, the nurse tells me it is important not to move at all during the contractions, oh that and I have to hold this crazy lazy curled up cat yoga pose during the injection… easier said than done.  The epidural injection went great, the medicine took so crazy fast and before I knew it I was literally completely numb from my belly button down.  So numb in fact that my right leg kept falling off the table and I had no idea until someone would pick it up, I’d be like, hey is that my leg?!  WEIRD.

The Dr. and nurse told me it could take about six -eight hours before I have to start pushing so try to get some rest.  Well, that is all you have to tell my husband.  He turns on SportsCenter and lays down on the couch and he is out in minutes.  Me, I was still coming down from my anxiety and my blood pressure was getting back in the good range so I was a little more wired.  Plus, I kept thinking about what was going to happen… that can keep a person up.

Each hour my nurse would come in and check on me and make sure I was still numb and then I would fall back into a light sleep again… this went on from when we were settled in at 1am until 4:30 when they came in and said ARE YOU OKAY?!  Ummm, yeah, I just changed the channel… they said I had been having crazy strong contractions about every 1-2 minutes for the past hour.  Dr. Beautiful then checked me again and said well you are at 10?!

WHAT?!  You are telling me I slept through the 4-10cm expansion period. THAT IS AH-MAZING! She goes, loudly ok it’s time to PUSH.  At that word Justin pops up out of his deep slumber (man can sleep through anything) and was totally like beside himself coming to terms with ready to push! About thirty minutes later we were pushing.  Dr. Beautiful decided Maddy wasn’t quite ready to come out so she had us wait about two more hours to let her come down a little further.  This was great, because now I slept hard for those two hours.

Uncle Jared meeting his beautiful niece!

At 7:30 the nurses came in and hooked me up to oxygen because Madison’s heart rate was dropping just slightly when I was practice pushing so they wanted me to have the extra oxygen. Very annoying when trying to get the ice chips spooned in. We had to really work out the ice chip situation, because I was crazy thirsty and the hospital had Sonic style ice, DELISH – and I wanted some just about between each push.  Well, the Mr. started with giant spoons full that I couldn’t handle, then too small … but don’t you worry, we figured it out 🙂

Aunt McKenzy’s turn!

A little before 8:00 a Dr. came in not Dr. Beautiful (cue sarcastic tears) but another fabulous Dr. who explained that my Dr. was on her way in to deliver Maddy, but she was called into the OR.  So she was here to deliver our baby.  SHE WAS EXCELLENT!!!!!

After she introduced herself to us, we got started.  Okay, in my dream labor situation I would not feel anything, I would love my Dr., it would go really fast and our baby would come out screaming and perfectly healthy… oh and Justin would not even be close to being you know… down there…. for the show.  Well EVERY THING went exactly as I dreamed, except that Justin was not only able to look down there, but he was responsible for holding one of my legs.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  Oh, well. I got over that real fast.

The true pushing started right at 8:00 and it was weird, but went really well. Basically, I would have one big contraction… oh wait. Back up one minute.  We had to have the epidural medication turned down because I couldn’t feel anything, which is not helpful when I need to feel the contractions in order to know when to push.  Okay…. one big contraction that we (ME, I ) would push through, then a small one that we ignored, then break (ice time). Then repeat.  In between the pushing it was really surreal, we would talk and shoot the breeze with the Dr. who was a true SEC football fan, in fact her first question to Justin was did you geaux (hehe) to LSU?! (he was wearing LSU sweats) That was all she had to say, Justin was in love 🙂

We talked and pushed and pushed (to be clear, still just me pushing) and talked for an hour and twenty minutes, then things got real.  Madison was so close they called the ped’s resident in and another resident on the floor to assist with the actual delivery (just for practice, nothing was wrong) and she said let’s push on every contraction.  Justin was cheering me on, the Dr. kept saying this next one could be it….

Then out of no where they had me push for about a minute and I felt the weirdest and BEST feeling and I heard Justin say HEY MADDY!!! And then the greatest sound in the world (OKAY, confession, totally tearing up while writing this last part) the GREATEST SOUND IN THE WORLD, our baby girl screaming her lungs out.  It was beautiful.

She was quickly wiped off and her mouth and nose was cleared then she appeared on my chest in seconds and was instantly calm.  Oh my gosh.  The RUSH of emotions I felt, I don’t think I have ever been so happy and just in disbelief all at once in my life.  We both just stared at her and each other, like WOW, look what we made. She was (is) stunning.  She stared up at me with perfect skin, beautiful eyes and just like that I was smitten.  Justin cut the cord and they put her up on my chest to stay warm.

This was the moment we had waited for, and it was absolutely perfect. It only takes looking into the eyes of your baby to know a few things, one – babies are such a true miracle from God and we are lucky to be her parents. Two– there is nothing like the love you feel for your baby immediately.  Three — it is pretty darn special to go through this experience with your best friend, a man who you dreamed of being married to and having kids with since being a flirty little 15-year-old high school kid.  I have a whole lot to be thankful for this year!

Happy Birthday Madison Virginia!

October 4th, 9:38am, 7lbs 7oz, 19.5 inches long

Part 3: There’s a baby crying in our room (our first day-night) coming soon….



  1. you are killing me with cuteness! look at that hair!!!

  2. omg, dr. beautiful kills me 🙂

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