It’s a summer kind of FALL Day!

Whew! I have to say waking up to 70 degree weather on this beautiful late September day was much more favorable to the snow that my parents woke up to in AK this morning!!!

I don’t know about y’all but fall to me means it is time to start eating/drinking everything apple and pumpkin!!

Well, yesterday I baked pumpkin pecan bread and pumpkin spice cookies so today I decided it was time for some apples. But in order for me to cook apple anything, I need to go to the apple orchard, cue instant excitement from the Mr.

calming the lump of a pug as she likes to bark like she is being attacked when other dogs look at her… fun 🙂

We were sitting around discussing the probability that Madison will ever decide it is time to come out and meet her parents,when I decided I needed to get out of the house.  I also made the executive decision to walk until I went into labor…. (this didn’t work by the way)…. So as Gameday was winding down we text the pugs good friend Chesney’s mom to see if they were interested in a trip out to the reserve to go walking, then on to the apple orchard for some serious apple picking.We headed out to the reserve (giant fields where the dogs can run and play off leash with trails through out to walk on) to meet up with Lee, Katie and Chesney for a nice LONG walk! It is getting to be beautiful out there, the leaves are changing and the grass is growing up so the pugs really have to work to get through the fields!Pretty much the whole walk the Mr. was telling me how HOT he was and how we were going to die if we went out to the apple orchard, remember last year… (last year was MISERABLE crowded and hot)..blah, blah, blah….

I didn’t listen and played the almost 40 weeks preggo card and we made plans to pick up Lee and Katie shortly after the walk. We headed out to the Elegant Farmer and hot it was… but it was not overly crowded.The best part (rolling my eyes) was as we pulled in Lee & Justin read a sign that said basically, they were out of apples! ARE YOU JOKING ME!!!I could not believe our luck.  It was a hard year for farmers in Wi, but I never thought about it affecting the apple trees, I know… (preggo brain).Anyways, our enthusiasm was not faltering, Katie and I were still full steam ahead!  Grabbing our basket we headed into the farm area for Lee & Katie to get in line for a basket, a line we learned later was not needed to be waited in (whoops).The thing we noticed was that this apple picking business was basically a recipe for husbands and wives to start fighting! HAHA!

We heard multiple couples arguing over the weather (too hot), the baskets (not needed), and the lack of actual picking the apples (what’s the point)- clearly, the wives who attend this place are not unlike Katie and I who just want the perfect fall day, that we may or may not have romanticized in our heads.

Notice Katie in the background… we were all trying the apples 🙂

Husbands should really just GO ALONG with the plan, but instead they feel the need to share their not very positive opinions while participating.

Showing us how they get the corn from the cobs! Very interesting!

The four of us had fun though, even stopping to take these preggo and pumpkin pictures to show Madison how big she made me (yes, it’s all her) don’t judge!  And no… we are not having twins. …

We walked the length of the orchard, enjoying the sun and eventually landed at the apple crate area where the farmers had picked all the apples from other local orchards and brought them here to sell.

We each filled up a basket and made our way through the gift shop before heading home.  Overall, this was really the perfect fall day with summer weather!

I will never complain about sunny skies and high temps!!!


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