Oh Baby!!! Part one…

Lots of pictures to come, but I couldn’t pick and choose, I wanted everyone who was unable to attend to see the hard work and just plain adorable-ness that was Maddy’s shower!

 This past June while my mom and sister in law were in town two of my very best friends (thank you Marquette for the introductions) threw Madison a FABULOUS and incredibly sweet shower!!  Pretty much the moment I told each of them that we were expecting the first words out of their mouths was we want to throw you a shower! How fun!!!  Now, I’ve only ever been to one baby shower and of course lots of wedding showers, but I can tell you these two should start a business because this event was nothing short of spectacular!!!  Everything was themed and decorated and planned so perfectly!  I will let the pictures tell most of the story!!!  Let me just say Justin and I realized how blessed we are to have such great friends and how spoiled our little miss already is from all her gifts and the excitement to meet her!! I mean, the cuteness level was OVER the top!!!  Much more thanks to Kelly & Tara for the shower and to Katie for all the pictures (that’s right, I even had a photographer:))!!!

 To start, Kelly designed everything for the shower, the invites for the shower and boys bbq afterwards, my thank-you notes, signs for the party, and every single detail at the party, little tags, straw flags, game boards etc…  I’m telling you, this lady needs to OPEN A BUSINESS!!!!

The welcome table, complete with take-a-way treats, wishes for Madison cards and a banner — these are my two lovely hosts!!

Wishes for Madison! A really sweet way for guests to wish for Maddy 🙂

REALLY sweet cards for all the guests to fill out, going in her baby book!

A  few examples

From my Mom…

Wishes from Grammy!!

From my sister in law…and brother (long distance)

Wishes from Aunt McKenzy and Uncle Jared

The full card!

A little preview of Maddy! How cute is this idea!!! LOVE IT!!!

And the food… oh the food! Notice the diaper cake 🙂

even the straws have details…

and the sweets table!!! 

We even had a cupcake tower with individual toppers 🙂

sweet little prints I got to keep for the nursery, made my Kelly…

the large lolipop looking things are onsies! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! Nice work Tara!!!

Now… on to the games.

My only requirement was no weighing or measuring the preggo!!!  They came through in a big way, these games were both clever and fun…

The prizes were pretty great too, Starbucks anyone ?

I was really thinking hard about these celebrity baby names!!

and of course the part that always leaves me speechless thinking about how generous everyone was who sent gifts and attended this party, Madison is well on her way to being best dressed and well equipted to enter our world!! I will post part two tomorrow complete with … you guessed it more pictures!!!


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