“You’re getting HUGE!”

I know, I know… I was all big talk a week ago that I was going to get my act together and post pictures/stories about all the fantastic things I have done this summer, and I will… most likely this weekend since we are finally getting internet hooked up at the house!  So ummmmm yeah, I will probably get things going again…no promises though since my brain has two tracks, a to-do list and countdown to Miss Maddy!

 Instead of posting something relevant, I decided I would post things that have happened to me during this preggo adventure! Sadly, most have happened more than once, and that kind of makes me want to punch something!

  The beginning…

 In the beginning (ha! Something profound should follow that right!)— the first few months of this pregnancy I wasn’t looking so much preggo as I was just plain fat!  While it was exciting that I wasn’t just getting fat from all the pizza and carbs I so love to eat, it was annoying that I was looking this way because I could not keep a single meal down.  No one had said anything to me about me being pregnant or asked me yet until around 12 weeks (I didn’t tell anyone other than family before this point)— a lady walked up to me and whispered, are you pregnant or have you just been eating a lot and packing on the pounds. No I am not kidding.


 I had two other people ask me before my announcement, in the normal way, but one lady did follow-up her question with, good… I thought you were just gaining a lot of weight, it can happen in Wi— lots of fried cheese and beer here, eh?

 Also, when I first announced the pregnancy I noticed the opinions start to fly!  They haven’t stopped, but I found a lot of them so appalling that I feel the need to share.  More than once, people told me that I shouldn’t be so concerned with all the “rules” because doctors are really just giving me guidelines, nothing hard pressed, and there isn’t any proof that…for example…. A beer every now and then is bad (saywhat?), medications affect the baby (I refused to take pain medicine for headaches because of the warnings)… smoking is bad…. (smoking is bad on its own, how is it NOT bad for the baby)you name it I heard it… because back in the day we didn’t have all these warnings!  OKAY… GOT IT! 

  Moving on to second trimester….

 Now things were starting to round out literally, so people and by people I am including strangers… started to feel like it was their right to touch my belly, or make comments to me about the belly or baby any time or anywhere.  I would have someone I don’t know very well—or at all in a grocery store (OMGOSH) come up and touch or rub (gag) my stomach and tell me I’m growing now! Or… how exciting.  Why yes, it is exciting for me and my husband now HANDS OFF!

   I don’t know when it became appropriate to rub someone else’s stomach in public…or EVER.  But it’s not.

 Besides the touching of my stomach, second trimester brought in everyone’s opinions about what I was carrying based upon how I look.  I was at one of our favorite restaurants and a lady in line said, oh goodness look at you, you have to be having a boy! I said, actually we are having a girl.  She goes, “nope. not possible, look at that belly, and your only showing in front… has to be a boy, I’m 100% positive.”

 My response, well, we had the ultra sound, and it’s a girl, for sure… she literally says, “well, they are known to be wrong like 50% of the time.”  Really, 50% I feel like that would be headline news… (I said to myself)

 And third trimester…

 This summer is when all the labor and delivery HORROR stories started flying in… and full speed.  A recent encounter while I was depositing a check at our bank yesterday a lady told me I should be terrified about the delivery because of what happened to her…. She went on to tell me in GREAT detail about her experience.  Let me just tell you, by the time she FINALLY cashed my check I was practically sprinting out of there and have made the decision to just keep Maddy in my belly for life!  I’m not doing it!!!

 I’ve heard awful, tragic, gross, LONG, birthing stories all of which will most likely not happen to me, but they are now in my head.  This really blows my mind, weren’t all these people nervous before they had their baby?! Why share these awful stories with another preggo?!

 Finally, real recently this baby has GROWN BIG TIME!!!  I’ve decided to go ahead and expand with her (yep, so generous of me!) Now, I have people coming up to me saying I am gigantic!?! WHAT!!!  I’ve heard, DANG, your baby is going to be HUGE at this rate, how much have you gained (none ya… business) or Are you due this month?! UGH!

 Or my favorite is that I look like I am going to pop any day now?! Really… that sucks, because I have like 6 & ½ more weeks… that’s like 6& ½ more inches I am supposed to grow…. What am I going to look like then?! A WHALE!!! No comments needed…

  I have to say, the most awkward/rude comment I’ve received was at lunch one day, I was sitting out by the river, reading and a lady asked to share my table, of course… NBD.  Then she looked at me, then tilted her head and did the whole pull your sunglasses down to get a better look… and said, how old are you (in a very concerned voice) I said, 26 (I’ve accepted this age) she goes, hmmmmmph and not even married, what a sad way to bring a baby into this world!

 WHAT?!?!  I just stared at her.  I said, excuse me… she said I mean, no offense (of course, why would I take offense to that)… I said, I am not sure why it is any of your business, but I’ve been married for five years, my hands are just so swollen that if I were to wear my wedding rings I would look like I had summer sausages for fingers. Then I got up and walked away.  I MEAN THE NERVE!

   One week later… I bought a fake ring at Sear’s to wear around. The ring was $27, the sales lady asked me if I wanted to purchase the one or two-year insurance on the ring…made of fake diamonds…the cheap kind  I mean not even diamonique . . . no thanks.

 Overall, I’ve learned that this pregnancy is apparently something that we are sharing with the world 🙂 so bring on the opinions… I’ll just take them and then get over the rude comments while eating cookies nightly from my Sam’s size tub of cookie dough we bought last week…

 Today, I am grateful for my husband who has figured out the perfect scoop size for said cookie dough, and does not judge me when I request four-six cookies… and he says things like good, weight gained means Maddy’s growing and that is what we want.



  1. geaux alyson! i have to comment finally–i’ve been blog stalking for way too long now to not. i had a ton of similar experiences, so i feel your pain! the no headache medicine was a big thing for me too (ppl were always telling me just to pop a few pills) and when you get to meet your little girl, you’ll know that enduring a headache was nothing compared to your holding your sweet girl. 🙂 you look GREAT and i hope you enjoy the last few weeks and eat a few cookies for me!

  2. Ah! Alyson – congratulations! You look phenomenal!

  3. Oh Jenny!!! I love your blog, and your little man! He is simply too much!!!! I think my “a ha” moment with yours was the comment about preparing for the baby consuming all of your thoughts. I swear when we go out with friends I am litterally thinking about organizing diapers instead of whatever we are talking about 🙂 Tell me that goes away!!!! Happy 5th by the way! Seems like just yesterday we were in the middle of planning our dream days!!! Congrats on 3 months down looking forward to reading about many more milestones!!

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