Genius Bar my …

A loss that has ruined me of any new blog blotter…

Today I come to you with a heavy heart, not one of any serious nature, but one that most people will agree is pretty devastating in the realm of everyday life devastation (above locking your keys in the car or dropping you iPhone in a puddle, but below the panic of your dog off leash in the road)…. (Not actual devastation, but plu-lease, just let me be dramatic, because I am very sad)Image

Approximately 24 hours after returning from my new favorite vacation spot I lost every single picture that was on my computer and about 1000 stored on my hard drive. DID YOU READ THAT Y’ALL! ALL PICTURES GONE, VANISHED, DELETED “NEVER TO RETURN”.  CUE preggo hysterics.  To be fair, I would have been extremely upset in a non-baby growing state, I just don’t have control over my emotions now, so there was serious hysterics. 


Whatever you do, please don’t read this and email or text or call or really even consider telling me that “I should have backed up all my files.”


Just to put everyone’s mind at ease that was precisely what I was doing when said tragedy happened.  And the GENIUS read another term for Donkey… at the Apple store thought the correct thing to do was to tell me that over and over again, like 15 times *** Y’all, I am not even exaggerating, the man next to me finally said- um, I think she gets it and wishes she had done it… maybe move on (I think he recognized what was about to happen). Things changed when I snapped back at him through my now released hormone induced tears of rage that he was not helpful and maybe he should learn to get a better customer service attitude/ or personality (yep, I went there) and actually be helpful and just tell me how much do I (insert word not proud of) owe him for this “service,” (yes, I did air quotes) …. he got the point, and told me his horrible news was complimentary.  FABULOUS. Thanks for nothing Apple, I wish I could hate your products but I can’t.


 So just like that… all our pictures were gone.  Here is the serious trauma of the whole story, each week I have been taking Madison growing in my belly pictures for a book I have been making her, but I haven’t put the pictures in yet, they were just sitting on my computer waiting to be inputted… until the deleting occurred.  So now, I am missing a TON of my weekly pictures, pictures I can NEVER get back because, oh hey, I will never be pregnant with her again.  CUE SOBBING!!!!! I am already sad she is growing up so fast!


There you have it. I lost my pictures, I got depressed, I stopped writing, now I have a TON to post, and slowly thanks to my Mr. who lets me be unreasonable and tells me our daughter will not hate me due to the missing pictures for a few weeks in a book she didn’t know I was making…I am moving on, and writing again.  PS- Any Dedekers reading… I lost all my OBX pictures! Send me yours please!!!!

 There you have it… the reason I have not updated anything… because not having pictures makes me sad.  After several emails requesting updates (who knew people read this…) I am back on board after all only 8 more weeks until this little lady makes her grand arrival (OHMYGOSH) So I better get busy!!!


Lots to come…. Baby shower, flea market, house updates, Road Trip, DC CUPCAKES, the OBX, Miller Park Field… bump watch, AK, Tyler’s Wedding… etc… LOTS!!! Luckily… I have some pictures to share.


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