Catching up… Bump Watch Week 24

 Bambino Bump Watch: Baby Coffman due October 1st

 Week # 24: 16 weeks to go!!!!! Things are getting real!

In Madison visiting the Farmer’s Market

 Gender:  It’s a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We found out on May 15th and are so happy and having a BLAST planning for our baby girl, Madison! 

 Food- Feed Me NOW!  Our little miss is still growing like a weed and I am starving shortly after every meal.  I am still eating small meals because I get full fast, but the more small meals the better 🙂

 Cravings:  Back on the Mexican, full fledge. It is all that ever sounds good…. I am trying to eat really healthy in between the Mexican binges to semi-even it out! Also, I should mention I would like to never stop eating starbursts and cantaloupe…. Please someone send me a lifetime supply of both!

 Aversions:  HAM!! GAG!!!!!  Anything spicy (not because of taste, just heart burn) nothing new…

 Sleep: the dreaming slowed down this week, still vivid dreams, but nothing horrible. However, I am not sleeping very well due to this baby gymnastics that goes on every night. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being able to feel her move, but in the middle of the night, I would appreciate her taking longer naps!

 Movement: SO much movement!

 How’s Mama? : Doing well, hungry and a little achy all the time.  Apparently that is from the constant expanding going on.  I am a little nostalgic for my belly button! Oh and the heartburn can stop at any time, really, this girl better come out with a head of hair for all the acid I’ve experienced, no baldy like I was!

So sweet 🙂

 Looking ahead:  Grammy gets in on Tuesday then Aunt McKenzy on Friday then the SHOWER on Saturday! I am beyond excited!!!!!  I mean, I was thrilled just looking at the invitations let alone a whole shower! WHOOO HOOO!!!!

 Our bambino in fruit or veggie terms:  This past week our baby was the size of a cantaloupe.  Which is a little weird since I really want to always be eating cantaloupe… hmmm…. But the size feels pretty accurate!


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