Bump Watch: Week 25

 Bambino Bump Watch: Baby Coffman due October 1st

 Week # 25: 15 weeks to go!!!!!

Heading into the Baby Shower!!

 Gender:  It’s a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We found out on May 15th and are so happy and having a BLAST planning for our baby girl, Madison! 

 Food- Still hungry, but eating has now become more of a challenge, things are not sounding all that good… I think it’s because I am so hot all the time!  Lots of fruits and veggies, salads and of course TACOS!!!

 Cravings:  light, cool foods, and Chick-Fil-A…and Mexican…and Lemon Bars…

 Aversions:  HAM!! GAG!!!!!  Anything spicy (not because of taste, just heart burn) nothing new…

 Sleep: I have had a lot of let’s say….light swelling (read, gigantic toes and feet!) so we have been propping my legs up at night. This means I now have to have approximately 55 pillows to go to sleep.  I can’t even see Justin over the barrier…lol.  

 Movement: SO much movement! She is one strong LADY!

 How’s Mama? : Tired, but so HAPPY! This past week was PERFECT.  Mom was in town to help me get prepared for summer with a maternity clothes shopping marathon, then McKenzy joined us for the MOST INCREDIBLE baby shower I could have ever imagined! I am still a little speechless when I think about how wonderful my friends are for throwing this for us! A full blown shower post will be coming just as soon as I get the pictures!! Let’s just say, Tara and Kelly should start a business and that Madison is one lucky little lady after receiving a room full of gifts!!

 Looking ahead:  Sadly, Mom is leaving tomorrow, but luckily I’ll see her for a full 10 days in July!!!  Then Thursday afternoon we are taking off for a week in the Outer Banks in NC with the Dedeker family.  Where you will find this preggers under an umbrella on the beach every day for many of hours!  Bring on the ice cold tea!!

 Our bambino in fruit or veggie terms:  This past week our baby was the size of a cauliflower.  A very sporadic and constantly moving cauliflower 🙂


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