Canvas & Cocktails… more like canvas sans cocktails!

A new art studio opened up in Tosa where you are treated to a night out with cocktails and a lesson on painting a masterpiece in two hours… Well… this past December pre-pregnancy a friend and I decided to purchase a Groupon for two admissions to any class from then until June. Since we each bought one, we decided this would be the perfect event for a girl’s night out!! Well… as the story goes…. I became pregnant and the other girls (two of the three) had to take dental boards and poof it is June and we need to get painting!

Madison goes painting 🙂

We took a look at the calendar and decided that for four non-painters we should choose a night where the painting isn’t too complicated, last night was that night! 

the original we were “following”

We started our night at Firefly in Tosa for dinner and drinks, the best part of this was their lemonade selection, it was UNREAL!  I had pomegranate lemonade, both Maddy and I give this a high recommendation, delish! 

 If you haven’t been to this restaurant you should go, it has a really nice atmosphere, the prices are decent and the food is good… however, if you are a ketchup lova’ like myself, then you will struggle with their inability to give you ketchup.  It’s like a mental block with their wait staff. Let me break it down for you in a comparison…

 I ordered a burger with garlic fries (must get these) — it came with approximately three tablespoons of ketchup in a tiny little container, and about 1/3rd of a cup of mayonnaise. Ok.  so I ask for mustard and MORE ketchup….

 A while later she brings me out about 1/4th of a cup of mustard and another three tablespoons of ketchup.  Give a girl a break!!!  I would like to say it was the waiter, but every time I’ve gone, I’ve had the same thing, and the same condiment situation comes up.

 One day I am just going to show up with my own bottle. Because clearly ordering something else is a not going to happen sort of situation…

  Anyways…. Rant over. Sorry.  Off to class.  We get to class to find all the canvases set up and waiting for us to get going.  We get a short history lesson about the painting and learn what colors to use and are told to get going. 

 YIKES! Blank canvas… no template?! No eraser or whiteout? The outcome? 

 The four of us sat almost silently and painted for approximately two hours, yes, we were the lame group of the bunch.

My master piece

 All the other groups were visiting and laughing the whole time, not us, we were focused!!  I think it was the best painting choice because it wasn’t hard and it was VERY abstract and for a group not there to hit the bottles… abstract is a good thing!!! 

 Happy Friday!!! Off to Madison tomorrow for some giant doughnuts!! 🙂


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