My husband is a hoarder…

My husband is a hoarder… and other random things discovered while moving…. I have a total love/HATE relationship with moving. I think it is more important to emphasize the hate because it is a lot of work…. If I could pay someone to do all the crappy things like packing/unpacking/cleaning for me and I just decorate then I would only love moving… but we can’t so my decision is split.

 I think a little background information is needed to fully understand that my opinion is fully formulated based on LOTS of experience with moving all my stuff… and yes, it is possible we are hoarders, but mostly Justin… In 2004 I graduated from high school and moved into the dorms at LSU (move #1)— one year later I packed up the dorm and moved into my first LSU apartment (move#2) — one year later, I packed up that apartment and moved into my second LSU apartment (move #3)— one year later, I packed up that apartment and Justin’s and we moved into a duplex near campus (move #4)— one year later, we packed up and moved most of our stuff into storage in Minneapolis and then moved home to live with my parents (move #5) — a little less than a year later we packed up our stuff from the rent’s and moved into a condo in Wasilla (move #6) — approximately 5 months later, we packed up the condo and moved to Portland for Dental school (move #7)approximately two weeks later we packed up that house and moved stuff back home to AK …very bad story… (move #8)— a little less than a year later we packed up again and moved to Milwaukee for Dental school (move #9) then TWO years later, yes, TWO it was wonderful, we packed up our first Milwaukee house and moved oh, approximately 4 blocks down the street to our second Milwaukee house, where we REFUSE to move again until graduation…in two years. (move #10)

 Let’s recap – that is 10 moves in 8 years.  WAY too many times. That is why the hate is pretty strong when it comes to moving. The worst part is, that I am a crazy person who likes to paint the whole house when I move somewhere so the work is tripled when we move into a place with no color on the walls!!!

Such as the current place…

 So on May 15th we had our gender reveal party to tell the world that our little bean is a baby girl, then on May 16th we started packing up the house and didn’t stop packing/cleaning/organizing/painting etc… MOVING until last weekend!  Below are the top 10 things I’ve learned about myself/husband throughout the many years of moving. Feel free to judge us!

Oh & I thought I would work our before pictures into this one…there aren’t that many, I got overwhelmed in the process of taking them, and took a nap!! I’ll post the finished house soon!!

 1)      I shut down at the thought of moving. Stop doing anything and become a lump of non-motivated lady. It takes getting going and a big kick-start to get me re-motivated.  This time around it took getting all our big furniture out of the house, then I could get moving.

Living Room

 2)      I have received at least one pug calendar a year since 2006, two in 2010 (good year) – Justin is a pug calendar hoarder; he took several OLD calendars out of the trash, like we are going to reuse them?!  I don’t even think all the dates will ever be the same/who keeps old calendars?! Cough, cough, HOARDERS!

Living room alternate angle

 3)      I like to throw away stuff, like a lot of stuff. If I look at something and I don’t want it anymore I throw it away then try to hide it in the trash before Justin can get to it.

 4)      Justin does not like to throw away anything, at all. He will go through my trash and question me on my throwing away choices, YES, the bag I bought as a freshman in college is no longer in style/dirty/ripped/ I DON’T use it–  then he pulls it out. Someone PLEASE call TLC!!!

 5)      I have an INSANE number of bobby pins, yet I can never find one in the morning.  We must have found close to several hundred bobby pins during this move, yet this morning, none could be found?! Anyone else have this problem?

 6)      We both eventually reach a point of no longer caring about anything other than getting the old house checked off.  Therefore, when we were down to cleaning up scuffsor other small marks on the wall, we decided painting over them would be easier. We did. It was.

Looking towards the kitchen/ 1/2 bath — cute little pug 🙂

 7)      No matter how much thought I put into where things go in the kitchen, it is always wrong.  I will notice that Justin has reorganized any storage compartment in our house to “make sense.” Clearly, I was going for total confusion…

 8)      Justin does not care what paint colors I choose, like at all.  Then he always acts surprised when he likes the colors/combinations… weird.   It works out well in our house though 🙂

kitchen…aka Hoarder’s home

 9)      Eating out is the only option we see as viable when moving.  Period.

 10)  I am a mover when moving…. I will work in one room then simply move everything that doesn’t belong to the next open space; this continues until I am in the last room and actually have to figure everything out. This time, everything ended up in Madison’s nursery and Justin had to make a million trips up and down to the basement to put away all the excess stuff in her room. Nope… I don’t think she needs 18 extension cords and tailgate chairs….not yet at least!

Our bedroom & Mags

  Today I am beyond grateful for friends and family!  We could not have moved each time without help, ESPECIALLY this time, since this preggo was not the handiest!!! Thanks to everyone who continually gets called to help us with all our moves!!!

 Here’s to no more moving for two years…then to everyone who is here for graduation and willing to pack up 🙂  At least there will be a cute baby girl to distract you from Justin’s hoarding abilities!!!


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