Beau or Bow?

Basically being pregnant and Dental school exams got in the way of us having a true celebration with our friends to announce our pregnancy so I decided we needed, we just had to have… I wanted to have a gender reveal party.  Or as the Mr. announced to all his friends we were having a sex party. Yep.  That will get the weirdo’s to your house right away! HA!!

 Because I know us… and that we are so OVER keeping secrets I decided that we would have the party the night of our appointment, so really we only had to be quiet for like 8 hours. Totally do-able!  Our very talented friend who got just as excited as me about this party made up our invitations, and the other banners/signs around the house in order to keep the theme present. 

She also helped me cut out little beau moustaches and bow’s for our guests to wear in order to show their vote!

 I went all out! We had baby slider bbq sandwiches, pretty pink and blue salad, tots, a cravings station,

and to top it all off in a typical Alyson fashion (lover of all cupcakes) I had a local bakery make cupcakes and fill them with the frosting color based on boy or girl. I was very excited to call them Tuesday morning and say please fill with pink!!

 Our friends must have been excited to find out because everyone was at our house within minutes of our “starting time”….

Cue my inability to speak like a normal person from this point on.  As soon as people started showing up, mostly wearing blue… I started to feel  like we were competing in the game Taboo.

 Someone would say, what was it like looking at the ultra sound, and I would say, ummm they kept their legs closed the entire time, it took what seemed like forever to see the parts needed to be seen in order to know if it is a boy or girl… but slow that down and read one syllable at a time is how I felt I was speaking.  The worst was the girls were staring me down and asking a TON of questions and not changing the topic trying to get it out of me! It was like torture to speak! Finally I gave in and said okay… put down your dinner, it’s reveal time!!!! I want to talk normally!!!!

 Nothing like dessert first 🙂  We passed out the cupcakes, and this is when it got humorous!  I was SO PARANOID that my reveal was going to be ruined by someone seeing the filling that I told the bakery to fill it lightly so there was no chance… I didn’t think that part through for eating.  As soon as I said, okay let’s find out – our friends were shoving the cupcakes down their mouths trying to be the first one to identity girl or boy!

 We were both laughing and silently praying no one would choke during our reveal!!!!  All aside, everyone was excited there was lots of celebrating and the boys headed outside for an old-fashioned celebration, think 1950’s waiting room and the girls stayed in talking about everything under the sun pregnancy and otherwise! 

 The party was perfect and I was so happy to celebrate with all our Milwaukee friends, a perfect kick off to summer, the baby and a send off to the old house!

I am so thankful for all our friends who came out to celebrate our little girl!!


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