Oh my goodness, the suspense!!!

IT’S A ?!?!?!?!?!?!

 Monday evening we were busy getting the house decorated/cleaned/food ready for the big gender reveal party and all I could think about was that in less than 12 hours we would know, daughter or son and the suspense was killing me!  As many of y’all know I had a feeling we were having a girl, but really in the coming weeks I was starting to doubt that feeling because really, how would I know… but you know what?! I did….That morning we got up and headed to the hospital for our ultra sound, I swear the wait (maybe 5 minutes) felt like hours I was excited/nervous. I guess I just really didn’t know what to expect, how would we react, what would the Mr. say/do etc… while I am having 1500 conversations in my head I asked Justin what he was thinking (his all time favorite question)… he said something about LSU baseball?! WHAT! Are you kidding me?!  He said, well, I’m reading Dandy Don. Really?  Luckily, before I could make this into an issue (very probable) we were called back.


 I get all propped up on the table, goop spread across the belly and she starts up the machine.  Before she presses the wand to my stomach, she asks us if we want to know. YES!!! This is the point where in my mind she was going to start the scan and say “It’s a ____” right away. Well friends, that was not the case.  Our little bambino was tired therefore was curled up into a tight little ball sleeping and was not going to be disturbed.  Oh sure, she would stretch, but NEVER, EVER, would she give us the money shot determining boy or girl.  This took all the anxiety right out of me, no longer was a nervous/excited to find out, now I was thinking — little bit, we have a party tonight in your honor, and I need to know pink or blue!  The lady was poking and jabbing at her for a good 30 minutes getting shots of all sorts of things, feet, hands, arms, shoulder, tiny little butt cheeks etc… then out of now where she practically screams GIRL PARTS!!!!!! 

 That threw both of us, we started laughing, girl parts, okay, so we are having a daughter. Wow.  In that moment nothing else seemed to matter to me, and I looked over to Justin who looked as calm and we just said, we are having a girl 🙂 Staring at the screen thinking, this is our baby girl was really special.  We spent almost an hour in there getting all her glamour shots for the doctor, I had to get up, walk around, stretch, roll over etc… trying to wake her up enough to move for us.  The poor little bambino just wanted to sleep, she kept yawning and stretching! And let’s be real, she has the cutest yawn ever!

 Once all the pictures were taken we waited around to see the Dr. who said we were “fired” from his office…hmmm???? I think our faces said an explanation was needed and that explanation was that she was perfect on all accounts, everything looks great and unless down the road we have issues we should be good to go!

 We left and headed out to our cars both kind of just taking it all in! We are having a she, it is no longer an it but a her…a GIRL!!!!  When we got to the car we called my parents to tell them the good news, clearly they were waiting by the phone at 4:30 in the morning their time 🙂 because they both answered before the second ring. After a good five minutes of telling them we couldn’t see we finally said you are having a granddaughter!!!

 Everyone was ecstatic and mom started texting me all day about her grand girl! We spent the day telling our families the news and getting ready for the big party that night!!!! 

I am thankful everyday for our beautiful baby girl who continues to grow, kick and stretch!!

 Coming up… Bow or Beau? 


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