All thanks to a Family Fairy Godmother :)

Wow. I cannot believe that May has come and gone.  Actually, I can and while May has been full of nothing but excitement and fun, I have to say, I hope June brings a few more mornings of sleeping in. I am starting to feel like these are getting limited, so I want to soak up the ZZZZ’s as long as possible!!!

 Since I am running a month behind on posting anything, I am going to start back at the beginning of May, Mother’s Day weekend to be specific with our very special surprise for Justin’s brothers graduation!!!Please be kind and rewind… anyone remember the days of rewinding our movies before returning to Blockbuster! WOW flashback, our daughter probably won’t even know what a VHS or VCR is?! #WEAREOLD.

 Over Easter break while Justin was in San Diego visiting with the Coffman family he found out that practically the whole family minus us was going to attend Kyle’s graduation from Colorado State. Well, in December we were also full on board for attending this graduation, but come January and our little growing family/shrinking budget we didn’t see how we could swing making it to this celebration. Bummed, but we knew we would see him this summer so we could celebrate then. 

Eater 2012 with The Coffmans

Well, Justin’s family fairy godmother took it upon herself to get us to graduation not only to surprise Kyle, but to also surprise the rest of the family at the same time, so the planning began!!! Shortly after his visit we were able to find tickets and made a plan: 1) do not tell anyone 2) DO NOT blow the surprise when texting after arriving! 3)hide in a rental car until time to come out and yell surprise!

waiting to get out of the car at the surprise location!!

 Well. Easier said than done should have been the title of this blog, because it was not easy! We got our tickets about 2 hours before his Grandma & Papa arrived to Milwaukee for a visit, so we had to play sad that whole weekend and act like we were missing out on everything…hard to do.  Then the night of graduation (yep, we missed actual graduation, just came out for the celebration) Justin’s entire family was texting him pictures and stories about the day – it was hilarious, we were literally in the airport looking at texts and laughing as Justin wrote comments back etc… then we landed and Justin text his cousin – “we have arrived.”  CUE panicking on my part!  WHAT DID YOU JUST TEXT?!?!  I mean, while texts are supposed to be private, we all know that on smart phones they pop up, so if anyone was to see his text we would be outted…stressful. Okay, that is what was going on for us….  Our fairy godmother on the other hand had to be with the family and try to keep a secret….

Here are some of the things she endured.

 1)      She was staying with her dad at a rental house where we would be staying once we arrived…therefore, there was no extra space…NBD right?! Wrong. The first night several people’s hotel rooms were so horrible and it was so late they all desperately wanted to stay with Amy and Uncle Bill… well, the problem is, no room because of us…BIGGER problem, she couldn’t tell anyone the reason she wasn’t volunteering the room…therefore, she played coy and dumb and totally made our place (beautiful) sound like a dump.

 2)      Her phone was acting funny so she could not text Justin, only call him — so she had to keep her phone attached to her ear in order to coordinate with us without anyone hearing her conversations.  Lots of “working from CO” excuses

 3)      She and her dad went out with Kyle and a couple of friends Friday night, and they had to keep making excuses to get out of the restaurant in order to let us (exhausted preggo) into the condo!  It took a while, I fell asleep in the car 🙂

while in CO almost 20 weeks!!

 4)      Worst of all, as people were saying how much they were missing us (I know right?! We are kinda adored people! HAHA just kidding!!!!) Amy had to be like, yeah, so sad… wish they were here… while not cracking a smile.  I imagine there were many moments where she wanted to burst out with the news!!!

 The next morning we woke up and got to planning – the goal was to surprise everyone at the same time just as they were getting ready to order brunch that morning.  Uncle Bill and Amy were going to get to the restaurant early to make sure we were all sitting by each other (party of 17 please)— to fill the seats and to act like 17 was an error, because there were really only 15 people.  The thing is, that when people are not expecting a surprise, things like two extra seats are not that big of a deal…for us, we were coming up with all sorts of crazy excuses!  Justin and I were to wait around the condo then head over to the restaurant later than everyone else, oh and to not get caught!

 So what does Justin do, he talks to Kyle on the phone?! Everything was going smoothly until Amy walks into the condo and almost starts talking but Justin very hastily hangs up on  Kyle saying frantically I have to let the dogs out at the park, meeting friends, bye… for some reason, Kyle just bought that so we were all good!

 We got to the restaurant shortly after everyone had been seated… shocked would be the understatement of the century.  It was hilarious.  We walked in and casually said “hey.” Next thing you know everyone is just staring at us, saying nothing…. Then BOOM!!! Loud shock, laughter, a few tears (Grandmas) and we were announced.  People just kept looking at each other like, Justin? Aly? Really?! We made a huge scene, but hey, it was worth it!!!!

 The rest of the day was fantastic, it was freezing so we walked around for a little while then headed back to the “dump” read—beautiful house Amy rented —- and everyone was able to visit with each other and relax.  It was nice and cozy and I was able to get to know all the Coffman’s so much better than the last time we hung out …at our wedding 🙂 There were cupcakes, coffee then later on a beer tasting (for all the non-preggos) and then dinner!  The Dedeker side left early Sunday morning, so we said our goodbyes and then were able to spend all day Sunday with The Coffman crew.  Sunday was a gorgeous day and so that afternoon Justin, Kyle, Uncle Bill, Amy and I headed out for a round of mini-golf then off to do some antiquing.

 Overall, the trip was absolutely perfect.  Not only was it so fun to surprise everyone, but for both of Justin’s families to be all together in a new city just hanging out in no rush, was a blast!!! So to our family fairy godmother who literally is the reason we were able to take this trip- we both say THANK YOU!!!!!!!

 We can’t wait to make a trip out to San Diego once our little one is born… or before…I just found out y’all have a Sprinkles… so keep those phones on!!!!!!!

the pugs hanging out with their buds while we were away!

 Congrats on graduating Kyle & we are looking forward to hearing all about the new job in less than a month!!!!

 And…a little late…. But Happy Mother’s Month (yeah, I’m extending this, it’s hard work to grow a baby!) to all the Moms and soon to be mamas out there!!!!

 Today I while I look back on this trip, I am extra thankful for family and new memories shared. Also, I am thankful that Fort Collins had an On the Border and Canes… so ummm yeah, I ate a lot… and I want to move there…like now…

taken on the sly by Amy 🙂



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