Bump Watch: Week 19

 Week # 19: 21 weeks to go!!!!!

 Gender:  Unknown still… so close!  TOMORROW! TOMORROW, we find out TOMORROW….it’s only a dayyyyyyyyyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaa wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!  Yep, I’m just a little bit excited.

*** side note on my opinion (our feelings, only about our choice, no one else’s)  on why we want to find out.  This seems to be a HOT topic that a lot of people like to give their opinions on and ummm, shall we say, try to convince the parents who want to find out (US) that we are wrong…  the thing is, it’s a choice.  We have always known we want to know, we want to figure out a name we love, and prep for the nursery etc…. it is hard to do if you don’t know.  Secondly, the main argument of people not wanting to know is that it is the last greatest surprise you really are guaranteed… ummm, I’m sorry – will it not be a surprise tomorrow when we find out?!  How is that any different?!  Furthermore, we are finding out, so stop trying to change our minds…. Ok rant over…. 🙂

Food-  CHICKEN FINGERS!!!!!  I ate Cane’s again this weekend and it was amazing…. Also, I would like to never stop drinking lemonade, even for a second, and can someone please get me some watermelon!!!

Cravings:  I am still chips and salsa obsessed, lemonade, salad, fruit, SUMMER and a sun tan (oh, are those not cravings…hmmmm)

Aversions:  HAM!! GAG!!!!!  Raw onions (smell of), anything spicy (not because of taste, just heart burn)  nothing new… oh and hot dogs/brats (not new either) and this Thursday at work is hot dog day, where they boil hot dogs approximately 10feet from my desk and let them cook all day long… yep that will be fun.

 Sleep: SERIOUSLY crazy dreams.  I dreamt that a giant group of angry hippos attacked the pugs, Chesney and then Justin and Lee (Chesney’s dad) had to fight them off.  This all happened in Tosa?!  Scary.  You never know what you will find in our neighborhood between gnome nappers and hippos!

 Movement: FINALLY!  I have felt the baby several times now, it’s not consistent, or even every day, but I have for sure 100% felt this baby moving!!!

How’s Mama? : Pretty good.  I am exhausted and ready for a weekend at the house, not so ready for the packing/cleaning that must happen but eh?

 Looking ahead:  Gender Reveal Party coming up tomorrow (have I mentioned this yet)!  Then the big move!!!!

Our bambino in fruit or veggie terms:  This past week our baby was the size of a mango. Which kind of makes me want a mango…?


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