Bump Watch: Week 18

Baby Coffman due October 1st

 Week # 18: 22 weeks to go!!!!!

 Gender:  Unknown still… so close! Counting down to May15th!!! Same predictions, although as we get closer I get more excited to find out, less confident on the girl prediction. However, still totally within my rights to claim all along I thought it was a boy… Evie taught me a trick this weekend…I am saying girl, but I will write down boy…hmmmm fooling anyone! HAHA!

Food-  CHICKEN FINGERS!!!!!  Bring on the Canes, which we did, and it was just as tasty as I remembered!

Cravings:  still Mexican food…. Looking forward to an OTB date soonish… Illinois road trip anyone?!

Aversions:  HAM!! GAG!!!!!  Raw onions (smell of), anything spicy (not because of taste, just heart burn)  nothing new…

 Sleep: Crazy dreams and sides falling asleep are waking me up at night, but overall, sleeping better.

 Movement: like 85% positive I have felt this little one moving… I realize that may seem silly, but how are you supposed to know! AH!

How’s Mama? : Sore!  My sides are aching, according to my Dr. that means everything is progressing right on track! Yippee!!!  Still kind of wondering how people have more than one kid, this pregnancy thing is not an easy task!

 Looking ahead:  Gender Reveal Party coming up!  Then the big move!!!  Oh, and that little thing of our ultra sound on the 15th 🙂

Our bambino in fruit or veggie terms:  This past week our baby was the size of a sweet potato. I kind of love this one!!!


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