Randomness & our weekend recap!

Today I was catching up on a few blogs I have been following for a while when I came across a statement from one of the ladies I read about who is currently expecting her second child. She said, that coming up with blog posts seems like the same level of challenge as training to climb Mt. Everest.  I was like yes, you are right?!  Why?!  How is it possible that at a time where my mind literally never shuts off, ever… I go from being awake and thinking about everything that needs to be done, cleaned, ordered, researched, practiced etc…. to crazy wild dreams where I am constantly giving birth to twins?! WHY?! Then I wake up and in the process of rolling over at night, YES, this is a process… see my pillow below? Yeah, well this thing is Ah-MAZING, as in I sleep wonderfully, when I am asleep…. However, to turn over (I am only supposed to sleep on my sides right now, and the left side is preferable.. ummm, yeah O’K…. I think sides is enough of a challenge!) — anyways, to turn over, I have to flip the pillow around while it is still wrapped up in our covers, trying to not wake the Mr. or the pugs… challenging. . .So as I turn over, my mind is back to what I need to do the next day. The list is endless and I cannot get enough done every day to ever check things off. Phew.

 Today is my last class until August, so that is one major thing I can check off my list to do, next week we are having our last big bash in the current house, then I can officially start taking down everything in sight and packing so that I can make progress on the move… also, since we will know what our little bambino will be, we can register and get going on baby items!!! All these things will start to progress and hopefully, I will start to feel in control of all these changes.  In the mean time… there is a lot of randomness in my mind, and for that I am grateful for any reason to be distracted… bring on this past weekend!Friday evening we hit the LONG, NEVER-ENDING, BORING….LONG….REALLY LONG….  But worth it drive to the Twin Cities for a big-time dance competition and a little Raising Canes to seal the deal!  Since we make this drive frequent enough, we start to notice little things along the way, such as, almost every stop off in these little towns (lots of stopping between me and the pugs bathroom/eating needs) there is a cheese emporium.  It is hilarious, the Big Cheese Pit, Cheese Warehouse, The Mouse Pit, home of Wi Cheese… etc… yeah, cheese everywhere. Also, there is an odd number of fireworks outlet centers and ummm…. Adult video shops along the way.  I keep thinking, so on these drives do people suddenly think, hey I could really go for some cheese while watching an adult video and then off course fireworks afterwards 😉 literally fireworks peeps, minds outta the gutta please. Hehehe. We made it into Justin’s grandparents house around 11 and I hit the hay.  The next morning we took our time getting up, taking the pugs to play then we had to run a few errands, after which the Mr. offered to walk around the mall (I know?!?!).  While we were browsing we took care of all our graduation/Mother’s Day shopping and even had time to check out the new line of Sperry’s Iheartsperrys!  Then we headed over to visit with the dance star herself and the rest of the family.  We made our plans to go watch a basketball game of Conner’s then we would head to watch Kylie’s solo downtown.  This all seems semi-normal until we get to the basketball game with two of the worst ref’s I have seen in a while, even at a high school comp. league situation… which lead to a much more exciting game than I think anyone was expecting.  Hmmmm, can you guess why?! Oh that’s right, because my Mr.’s voice carries… and he has very strong opinions as to how a game should be called…He will read this later and say, you said it wasn’t bad, and stood up for me this weekend so tell the story right?!  So, in an effort to be the wonderful wife I am… I will… keep it short, simple, and ummmm honest 🙂 Long story short, a kid on Conner’s team was given an intentional foul for excessive force, (clearly not either of the two) and Justin had (more than) a few words with the ref, never inappropriate, just disagreeing…loudly.  The ref kindly asked Justin to stay out of it… (HA) and then continued to make calls that were very contradicting, to put lightly.  Well, Justin continued to disagree and out of nowhere the ref turned from the opposite side of the court and like an umpire with a close call threw him out of the gym, banished him to the parking lot (ha, ya-right)—-  Justin left, I laughed… his uncle laughed… and then Justin returned to watch the rest of the game from behind the bleachers!  In the end the refs continued to make ridiculous calls one that allowed the other team to score with very little time left to put them up by one.  A very long 7 seconds later Conner hit a buzzer beater from well-behind the three-point line over a very large defender to win the game!  As Justin says, it was sweet revenge!

 That night we went down town to the largest dance competition in Minneapolis to watch Kylie perform her solo! It was so exciting to see her all on her own dance a very powerful lyrical routine.  She did beautifully!  We were both so glad to have been able to make it since this was her first time having her own dance. After her performance we went out to a very hipster but delicious pizza place and cleared our plates, we were all apparently starving! 

Sunday morning we slept in until a whopping 8AM then headed over to Justin’s Aunt & Uncle’s house to have brunch with the family. We spent the eating portion making bets as to if this bambino will be a boy or girl and the table was pretty split down the middle, then on to names…. And then the grand finally was that his Aunt Evie who is an OB brought home a heartbeat listener scanner thing (technical name…?) so we could listen to the baby’s heartbeat! SWOON!!!!!!!!  I have to own up that I am like, can barely breathe anxious each time before we get to hear the heartbeat or see the baby.  This time was no different, luckily my little mango (current size) was up and ACTIVE!!!  Evie was able to get great spots where we could all hear the heartbeat clearly! It is always so special to hear this and this time Evie had us record the sounds so I could share with the family!!!  It was also cool to learn that during all the static fuzz parts, the baby was moving around big time, she said either practicing dancing or dribbling 🙂  LOVED THIS!!!!!!

 This afternoon was spent relaxing, watching funny YouTube videos and napping followed by an evening of dance!  Kylie performed four more dances that evening that we were able to watch!  These were all team dances and of course she did a fabulous job.  I really like the costume aspect of dance competitions, it is all about the glitter and sequins!!!  We rounded out our trip with CANES!!!! YUMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!  I really love/miss Raising Canes chicken fingers and lemonade!!!All in all it was a fabulous weekend and left me wishing we were much closer than six hours away!!!  Looking forward to finishing up class this week and then getting to Tuesday 🙂  Bring on this baby boy or girl!!!!

 I am grateful for hearing our baby’s strong heartbeat and active movements this weekend!!!!


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