Bump Watch: Week 17

Bambino Bump Watch: Baby Coffman due October 1st

 Week # 17: 23 weeks to go!!!!!

 Gender:  Unknown still… 15 days and counting!!!!!!!  Same predictions, although as we get closer I get more excited to find out, less confident on the girl prediction. Is this supposed to be my first mother’s intuition test?! What if I fail?! Yikes, I’m thinking about taking Justin’s route of saying I have no idea… but I kinda still think girl. UGH. Pressure!!

 Mom predicts: Girl (unless it’s a boy, then that was TOTALLY my prediction) j/k…kinda…  —–    Dad predicts: boy… then girl…then boy… then girl… so unknown!

 Food-  CANTALOPE!!!!! I thought I was going to literally die from need of cantaloupe while I waited for the Mr. to cut that sucker up!!! And while, y’all are all thinking, wow fruit! What a great craving…. So healthy.  Keep in mind, the second portion of my craving was for brownies… so yeah.

 Cravings:  still chips and salsa… Chick-Fil-a and the food above…

 Aversions:  HAM!! GAG!!!!!  Raw onions (smell of), anything spicy (not because of taste, just heart burn) that’s about it.

 Sleep: I have been dealing with a cold this week, so sleep was not very pleasant, that and the Mr. is in the midst of finals… which means he is talking, loudly every night. FUN!

 Movement: I thought I felt our baby the other day, but I really have no idea.  Hoping this is not another mama failure pre-birth?! The book is saying I’ll just know… ummmmmmm, so far, no clue.

 How’s Mama? : Continuing to improve how I am feeling, still LOVING naps and will take one whenever the opportunity presents!  I am busy planning for our big reveal party, the move you know… the small things 🙂  But I am back working out a lot more again, so that helps with the energy!!!

 Looking ahead:  heading to watch Kylie in her big dance competition this weekend in Minneapolis!!! YEAH!  I love these and she is so fun to watch. Also, we are definitely hitting up CANES!!!!!!!! Bring on the chicken, lemonade and probably sweet tea this weekend, maybe twice… I keep bringing it up for fear that we won’t have time. Justin assures me we will, I think he is a little thrilled at this eating adventure!!! Two toasts please and  hold the slaw!!! YUMMY!!!!!

 Our bambino in fruit or veggie terms:  This week our baby was the size of an onion. Not my favorite! But as always, I am happy he/she is growing 🙂



  1. I was convinced Aaron was a girl, so I didn’t have any mama intuition… 😉

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