Bump Watch: Week 16

Bambino Bump Watch: Baby Coffman Due October 1st

 Week #: 16!!!!!  24 Weeks to go…yikes!

16 Weeks!!!

Gender:  Unknown still… about three more weeks until we find out—           Mom predicts: Girl  —–    Dad predicts: boy… then girl…then boy… then girl… so unknown!

Food- Finally, I am getting my appetite back and food sounds good again.  It feels amazing to actually be hungry and want to eat!! Such a delightful change.  I am still eating tiny portions, just more throughout the day.

Cravings:  Chips and salsa, and I just located an On the Border (my favorite Mexican restaurant) 60 miles from us, and yes… I am pulling the preggo wife card on this one, and we will be going there! Any other Milwaukee takers for a road trip to chips, salsa, tortilla heaven?!

             Aversions:  HAM!! GAG!!!!!  Raw onions (smell of), anything spicy (not because of taste, just heart burn) that’s about it.

Sleep: Off and on, good/bad nights.  If I am beyond exhausted, then I pretty much sleep through the night but these dreams are killing me!!!

–          I keep dreaming I am chosen to win Ellen’s Mother’s Day gifts and then I can’t answer my phone or email to accept!!! SO SAD!!!!

Movement: not yet, although I am told it will be any time now, so any odd feeling I am sitting completely still wondering if it is the little bambino.

How’s Mama? :  I am actually back to being  a semi-normal person and it is great.  I am able to stay up to a normal time (9-10pm) and getting up normally, I am working out again and eating pretty well.  I also am getting energy back to be productive when home, no longer just a sloth.  There are still lots of preggo challenges that I am faced with, but each week is getting easier. Plus the bump is growing so now it’s just exciting!!!!

Looking ahead:  Another Dr.’s appointment on Tuesday 🙂 I am now a huge fan of Dr.’s appointments because I know I at least get to listen to our baby’s heartbeat, and/or see him/her  each time!!!  Then… May 15th gender date!!!  I am looking forward to our gender reveal party with friends on the 17th!!!!

Our bambino in fruit or veggie terms:  This week our baby is the size of an avocado! I love this one 🙂 I have always been partial to the guacamole!!!  Speaking of… OTB anyone!



  1. Rita Dedeker says:

    I like those Bambino updates. Most of all I like you are beginning to feel better and can now enjoy being pregnant better. Take care, Grandma/GG

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