Paris, Nice & Monaco OH MY!

BONJOUR!!! One month later… almost to the date of being home from our European vacation I am finally getting around to posting the pictures from our trip, and of course little bits of information about our trip, and possibly a couple entertaining moments!  After a long day of traveling we had a full day of touring Paris and boy or garçon were we busy!!!

We all loaded up on our tour bus for the best tour I could imagine around the city.  Our guide was beyond fabulous, she told us all the typical stories about ole’ Paris, and then she told us about details of the little parts of Napoleon… all I’m going to say is there is one weird Dr. in New Jersey who collects things like little parts of tiny little men 🙂  

We also stopped and took a few pictures!

The tour took us through all the different areas of town, shopping districts, Latin districts, Notre Dame, a few museums… the Louvre included…  

We even decided to take part is a big time, ROMANTIC, tradition… or at least piggy back on past lover’s experiences!!!

The story goes like this… a man wanted to declare his everlasting love for his lady by writing their names on a padlock, locking the lock on a bridge  and then tossing away the key to his heart 🙂 AWE!!!!

So being the full of love ladies that we are… we totally searched the bridge to find locks that have our initials or the likes of on them and then claimed them as our own.  That seemed more likely than convincing my dad, brother, and husband to come with us back to Paris to forever declare their love for us… so yeah, we piggy backed on other lovers, but hey – Love is what makes the world go round…right ?! hehehe.

That night we had dinner on top of the Eiffel tower, the view was amazing the food… eh.  Let’s just say they served fancy salmon that was “smoked”  or as we liked to say, someone smoked near the fish, because folks that fish was RAW!  

But the dessert was incredible and the view was even better!!!!! Next up is Nice, which is real NICE!!!!


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