Paris, Nice & Monaco OH MY! Part 2

I have never been to the South of France and I can not WAIT to go back.  I’ve been to a lot of beautiful places before, and lived in Alaska — which is breath-taking at time, but Nice is just spectacular!!!! And Monaco has been my dream vacation destination since I learned about Princess Grace Kelly!!!  

We took the train to Nice which involved lots of faces like ours above… sleeping… and more sprite than I can even remember.  To say our little one did not enjoy the train ride is a HUGE understatement.

When we finally pulled into the station in Nice, I think even my little tag-along did a happy dance and we got to business…and by business, obviously I mean eating… and by eating, I mean obviously McDonald’s.   I was starved and so far most of the meals were not what I could stomach, and the Golden Arches were calling my name! Turns out they were also calling the names of my travel crew 🙂  They were just being supportive eaters!!! HAHA!!!

After a short snack break, we took a long walk along the boardwalk of Nice just enjoying the day and the views! McKenzy even got into the Riviera! BRRRRRR!!!!

We kept walking for a little longer before I bailed out and went back to the hotel for a little “snapper” — I learned this was Doc’s term for napping 🙂  Then out for dinner and ice cream! It was a very Nice day in Nice! That never gets old!!!  The next morning we were up bright and early to enjoy the best croissants of the trip and to take a bus ride over to MONACO!!!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!

The drive was, eh… long… and windy, but the view incredible!

Then we arrived, Monaco was everything I had dreamed of, it is spotless, BEAUTIFUL, and I felt like we were in a movie walking the streets I had only read about or literally seen in a movie!

It was then… I decided I was meant to be a princess for the millionth time in my life!!

The church where Grace Kelly was married!

After our brief time in my future homeland we headed over to a perfume factory where we took a tour then did a little shopping before lunch!!

But before we could start eating, we went on a hike to the top of a very small town called Eze. Following lunch, we took a class to learn how to make our own scent.  That is a very challenging task for anyone, let alone a preggo student who can’t hardly stand to smell any scent!!!  A couple of hours later, we graduated from perfume school and I had a nice ummm, room freshener to bring home!!

To finish up our time in the South of France we went shopping for several hours then went on a massive eating binge just in time for dinner!!! We started with a couple of side restaurant snacks known in this region… followed by a pizza, then of course we ended with crepes and espresso! And finally to say farewell to Nice we went out to the casino and then to walk the board walk for the evening!


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