As mom says, it’s my last birthday as a “not-a-mama”!

So, ummm, about 26 – I’m not super weird on age, because clearly getting older is for sure the best option ever… but being closer to 30 than 20, that is a little weird. So, officially I think I am going to just keep on at 25, it’s been a good age this past year!!  I decided this year I would do something a little different to celebrate my birthday, just trying to keep things fresh!  I decided that the night before my birthday would be the PERFECT time to send my husband out to the wonderful, warm, West Coast for a little Coffman family time.  Right?! Great plan?!

Since a couple of weeks ago I realized that is exactly when he would be going and I was going to be alone (with my pugs) on my birthday I decided that clearly I needed to have the best birthday weekend EVER!!!!  Like it would need to really be something special and exactly what I wanted, I may be a brat, but I really like my birthday!  Being the great Mr. that he is, and the fact that the last three months have been exhausting for both of us, he was totally on board with my birthday celebration.  Get ready… it is pretty impressive…

The suspense is killing  you right?! You are thinking, ball room dancing, a hotel at the Ritz, glitz, glam, you know, the works! Well, you are so totally right… and a little, teeny bit off… What did I want to do more than anything?!  Eat at Chick-Fil-A for lunch, shop for crib bedding and hit up Sprinkles for cupcakes for dessert. WOW!!!  And you know what I did, just that… and it was incredible. Perhaps pregnancy has made me easy to please, but when you don’t live near a Chick-Fil-A so Sunday is not the only day you can’t eat it, but every day you can’t eat it… then finding out one is a mere hour and a half away is this preggo woman’s dream!

 We hit the road around 11:00 Saturday morning and heading into Chicago, more directly, made a beeline through traffic to pull up to this wonderful location.Beautiful isn’t it.  YUMMM!!!!  The funny thing is that when we opened the door the line to order was almost coming out of the restaurant! OMG!  We started laughing, it was so unexpected.  Lots of people came in and then left, like no way are they waiting in line.  I call those people crazy.  We waited (like 10 minutes) and ordered, I was a little excited, especially when I saw the lemonade.  YUM!  Considering a drive out there tonight…. Dangerous post to write when hungry!  I stalked people until I found an open seat and we….Or ate… but you get the point!

I feel like you may judge me for this long of a post about the lunch at a fast food restaurant, but you may judge me more when I tell you I just found out there is one minutes from IKEA… so, I will now be making more trips to Schaumburg, IL for housing goods and chicken.  No more Swedish meatballs for me (j/k, I totally get the ranch wraps at IKEA…)

Okay, after the Mr.’s second trip down the line to get more nuggets (for him not me) we headed out to make our way to baby heaven, or more closely named expectant mama’s heaven!!! The Land of Nod.I have had my eye on a certain bedding since about 8 hours after finding out we were pregnant… this was my chance to see it live in person to make sure it was as adorable in person as it is online… you know what… it totally is.

The Land of Nod, for those you do not spend all day shopping for babies… is the Crate and Barrel baby store, it is adorable.  We walked around trying out rockers, playing with toys, looking at rugs, curtains, bedding, books, wall décor, lamps etc… they have it all and everything is super cute!!!  I think the funniest part of this store is how I was constantly telling Justin what our kid would be doing with/on each item… take this rug,

Umm duh, our son (if son) would set up his little lego towns, and then drive around the city with his hot wheels, OMG so cute.  This is the Mr… so is that how our little boy is going to play?!  Yes he is, very calmly and creatively.  Justin… or he will be like me and my brothers and will start major battles in different areas and destroy the town!?!?! WHAT?!  No, no, this is when I said, it is my day so I get to create our kids personalities today, and you just have to love everything. Ok? Yep, I am such a grown-up!!!

I also found out at this location that the bedding I am in LOVE with is apparently the most popular bedding of the year, and it is sold out.  I am not even a little surprised. I have a knack for choosing the unreachable items. Luckily, she said so many people are ordering, they are constantly filling their stock in stores and online.  So by October, I should have my bedding in the crib waiting for this little Beau or Belle!!!  Since this location did not have the bedding we hit up another location on the way home… here it is 🙂 SO CUTE!!!

It is called Not a Peep crib bedding!!! OBSESSED! Please take note of the polka dots… you didn’t think our child would escape that did you?

After The Land of Nod, we headed out and shopped around the area, I exposed the Mr. to the glorious world of The Container Store and World Market, so that was exciting.  How he has made it this long without ever going in these stores will continue to be a mystery for me!

A little shopping later and we made our way to the Lake front area to enter cupcake utopia. Where the line literally was down the street! But, again worth it…And perhaps… went a little crazy.  We each picked out two cupcakes… Then I panicked and added a third choice…Then the lady while we were checking out, told us that they were already going to be packaged in a box of six, and did we REALLY want an empty space?!  No.  We did not want an empty space?! So I threw in another Red Velvet.  Since Sprinkles was packed, we headed up the block to Starbucks… which was also packed, armed with our coffee and cupcakes we headed to the car to enjoy a fabulous end to a perfect day…They did not disappoint!

Then just as I was throwing myself a pity party and throwing a possible dose of guilt on the Mr. I came home to a lovely surprise and a card that was addressed to Mama! LOVE it!!!!

Today I am grateful for my Mr. how went out of his way to make my 26th birthday extra special and I am also grateful that he has the next five days to catch up with the Coffman’s!!! We miss y’all & I know you will have a blast, catch a big one for me tomorrow!!!

I should also mention, I am a little sad we are out of cupcakes, but three days of Sprinkles, was a good run!



  1. hi aly! i love reading your blog 🙂
    we are having a great time but missing having you here with us!!!!
    hope u are feeling better! love and hugs, amy

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