You + Me = Baby!

WOW! Long time, no talk…write…blog, whatever!  I have been pointedly avoiding Many the Miles for oh approximately 13 weeks… why?!  Oh that’s right because we are EXPECTING OUR FIRST BAMBINO!!!!  Now, for the average new blog starter with aspirations of this really working and me never “really” working again, cough, cough… they would have tried to keep going with daily-ish posts about things that were going on in our lives and just keep the baby situation under wraps.  But you see we are not average folks…no we are so much more interesting… here is what has been going on up until like the 2nd week of March…

Me: get up, go to work, spend the entire day sick…come home, go to the gym (a few times a week) or to class, attempt to eat something, then promptly go to sleep at 8pm if I wasn’t in class.

Justin: get up, go to school, come home, go to the gym (again, a few times a week), study for boards. Go to sleep way later than me.

I mean people, we were not even keeping up with our DVR, we are at like 60% free, which is pretty much tragic in my mind because I hate to be under 90% free. And really, we would be at 100% most of the time but the Mr. insists we keep the How I Met Your Mother: Naked man episode, and maybe, just maybe, the 18hrs of Will and Kate’s  wedding I have recorded in HD are hampering my allotment… totally worth it….

OKAY! So the point is, we have not been very interesting parents to be the last few months let along blog worthy.  Although, the Mr. thinks some of my preggo stories are HILARIOUS, I just don’t share in those feelings!!! Maybe let’s start at the beginning…or kinda the beginning, I mean you don’t need to know everything!Amirightorwhat!Cue to Saturday, January 28th…. I had a sneaking…well, BIG time suspicion that I was pregnant, but I was convincing myself that I wasn’t.  Not for any reason other than I didn’t want to get my hopes up for a negative result.  So that morning, my alarm went off early because I had to work and I immediately got up and decided I could not wait one second more I had to know…. side note: my plan was to wait until after work because if it was positive I would have time to plan a surprise for the Mr. to tell him in a really special and TV worthy way… he after all, was spending the day in the lab. 

Well, I didn’t wait to find out.  No big deal right?! I can still wait and tell him when he gets home (I think while running into our room waving our test (so not sanitary) in his face to share the good news) It took him like FOREVER to look up while he read me something from Dandy Don (LSU blogger) about something so not important!  Like practically 2 hours later (30seconds) he looked up and just started smiling and saying  NO Way?! Are you serious!!! To say we were excited is an understatement!!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!

Now, I had to leave for work, (yep totally focused this morning) and by the time I got home I had turned my phone off because the parental units kept calling me! Rents, I am avoiding you, get the point! 🙂 I told the Mr. I wanted to wait until 8 weeks to tell our families just to be sure things were on track. Side note: I waited approximately 8 hours to tell Mom & Dad.

Lesson learned: I am really bad at waiting!  By the end of the week we had told both parental units and all siblings!  But beyond that no one knew.  And I have to say I loved it!  It was so fun for us to have this super special secret just between us!!!  It stayed our little secret until after our 8 weeks appointment when we decided to let our extended families and a few very close friends in on our secret!  I have to say, telling people this news is fun, like really fun… I imagine that is what keeps Michelle Duggar going, I mean that and she must not have morning sickness, otherwise that lady is a nut!

Preggo updates: 

8 Weeks!!!

Weeks 3-10: were rough.  Constant “sea-sickness”, I believe who ever named morning-sickness should be shot, it has not been my experience that morning sickness only occurs in the morning…I am pretty certain it should be called 24hrs a day, 7 days a week make you so miserable during a very exciting time sickness… many panicked moments of running down two flights of stairs at work to a private bathroom, lots of interesting experiences (undecided if I will venture into those tales…) pretty much 0 diet cokes, WHY?!  Because it now tastes like metal, how sad!!! All I think about/dream about eating is Mexican food. Everything else sounds unappealing…. But smoothies were pretty much the only thing I kept in me, so I now deem the Mr. the new Smoothie King!

Weeks 10 & 11: I spent in Europe!!! Which I will blog about this week with a total picture overload because it was an AH-MAZING trip, tons of fun, beautiful weather, great kids, and excellent shopping!!!3 generations :)

Week 12: So fun!!! We had another ultra-sound were our little one actually looked like a baby (very exciting), this little wiggle-worm was doing gymnastics and all kinds of squirmy business, until the Dr. needed him/her to move for a certain measurement and he/she stayed perfectly still. I am a little afraid my stubbornness (or accused stubbornness) may have been passed on!!! We also got to tell the rest of our friends, and then the WORLD… or Facebook, so that was super fun!

Phew.. .thanks for hanging on if you made it to the end, that is our news! And now, I can get back to my normal posting because really the secret is out!!! YEAH!!!! PS, I cannot promise I’ll limit my baby related posts… sorry 🙂  But in approximately six months there will be really cute pictures accompanying the baby talk!!! So, worth it?!

Today I am grateful for our healthy & active little 13 week-old bambino and all the joy and excitement he/she has already brought to our lives!!! That and my Mr. who has been trying to make this ride as comfortable as possible for me, and who has had to eat a TON of leftovers of all the food I think I am going to LOVE then HATE. Like a 7 pound ham… don’t bring up ham around either one of us.  UGH. Gross, ick. Gag… you get the picture!


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