Happy Birthday to my Mr.!

 Today is a special day in our house, my dear hubby is turning 27 today! OMGosh, such a distinguished age 🙂 FYI, I will be choosing to stay 25 this year. I am not yet ready for 26.

 Happy Birthday Justin! 

Cheers to a wonderful day and towards many more birthday celebrations to come!  Thanks for being a great husband, for working hard to have a career to provide for us and for humoring me nightly when I come in to chat because I’m lonely!  I love you and hope that you are having a great and productive day semi- off! 

Just don’t eat too much because your birthday dinner is going to knock your socks off  🙂

Turning 23 in Baton Rouge, our first married bday! How nice to be tan in March, I miss the South!


Alyson, Betty Lou & Magnolia

Oh & I have really improved on the whole wife thing… when we were just dating in high school my MIL always baked the cake (German Chocolate)… then in college I went with an ice cream cake when I lived in the dorms… then the next year I attempted to bake a Southern Living German Chocolate… HORRIBLE! The icing like melted off the cake. Humph.  The following two years I purchased a delicious one from Ambrosia Bakery:) Finally, I have this thing down! Last year’s was delish & I will be making the same recipe this year!!!

 Happy Cake Eating!


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