12 years since I gave him my heart…

Ladies & Gents this year, Valentine’s Day 2012 marks our 12th Valentine’s Day as a couple and it all started with a little game of hearts keep away at our high school.  The Mr. & I are semi competitive people and for ONCE in our relationship this turned out to be like the best thing ever in 2001, one short day after meeting him on a basketball road trip our competitive nature not only made us awesome at the hearts game, but it brought our crush into high-speed!For those of you who didn’t attend Colony High School, the Valentine’s heart game was a two-day ordeal, day one (which in 2001 was on a Monday, yep I remember) – the girls wear a necklace with their heart and they have to give their heart up to any boy they talk to during the day.  Day two, the boys wear the necklace, same rules apply.  You only get one heart and the goal is to gather as many hearts as possible throughout the day.

 Okay, so how do I remember the day of the week you may be wondering… well, because the weekend before is when we met… and I did not give out my phone number in high school to boys.  I was all about the if you wanted to go on a date, then you are going to have to work on it at school first for a little while.  The problem this time was that a day after we met I was crushing big time on this sophomore and I couldn’t talk to him, because I was not going to lose the game. And I really wanted to save my heart for him, awe cute/gag right 🙂 Then day two he couldn’t talk to me and it drove me CRAZY.  Finally, when he met me after school, or at practice he brought be his heart!  SWOON!   The best is that later that night he had a basketball game that I went to you know, just watch… he brought me a huge bouquet of daisies!  Stay with me, getting daisies from your crush, Valentine’s week in high school, is like a major deal. I am pretty sure I ran out to my parents car and just counted the seconds until I was home to call Kristin!  So fun!

 Happy Valentine’s Eve!

  I am grateful for my Valentine and Mr. I am so happy that we have had each other’s hearts now for 12 years!

 P.S. – Is it weird that I am pretty sure the only phone number I have committed to memory outside of immediate family & Justin is the Mayschak’s second line… I think I called it about 1 billion times from 6th-12th! The WORST was when someone was online and it would be busy!!



  1. I remember all this like it was yesterday, and I cannot believe it was 12 years ago! Congrats! 🙂

  2. I feel fairly certain that the 2nd line was primarily for you and Kris to talk to each other. 😉 And I do not remember this heart game at all. Where was I?

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